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ShowSheen: Beautiful Results Backed by Science

Posted by Animal Care Team on
We are often asked – is ShowSheen good for my horse’s hair? You bet it is. The high-quality ingredients in ShowSheen® are proven to protect and condition hair for longer, fuller, manes and tails. We recently put ShowSheen® through independent testing that studied the formula’s effects on hair health, and we were more than pleased with the shining results.

Winter Horse Grooming Tips

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Cold weather can make winter grooming difficult – which is why at Absorbine® we are always looking to learn new grooming tips and tricks from our users. Here is a roundup of their winter grooming tips!

Using the Haverhill Absorbine® Bathing Station To Get The Most From Bath Time

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Try the Haverhill Farm's Absorbine® Bathing Station to get the best results of your bath! See how these products work together for the best possible turnouts. 

How To Treat Hot Spots

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Hot Spots are also called acute moist dermatitis, which are localized areas of skin inflammation and bacterial infection. They are typically well-defined areas of redness, swelling and hair loss.  

Grooming Your Horse Before and During Competition with ShowSheen®

Posted by Animal Care Team on
How do you get your beloved mud-encrusted mount ready for the showring—or the trailhead parking lot? Follow these tips!