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ShowSheen: Beautiful Results Backed by Science

Posted by Animal Care Team on
ShowSheen: Beautiful Results Backed by Science

ShowSheen® Original Hair Polish & Detangler has long been a top choice in grooming with a 40-year history of helping horses look and feel their best. The shiny coats, tangle free manes, and flowing tails are expected when it comes to regular application, but we are often asked – is ShowSheen good for my horse’s hair?

You bet it is. The high-quality ingredients in ShowSheen® are proven to protect and condition hair for longer, fuller, manes and tails. We recently put ShowSheen® through independent testing that studied the formula’s effects on hair health, and we were more than pleased with the shining results.

Here’s what we found out:

ShowSheen® is proven to protect hair and reduce breakage by 40%

Horse hair can be fragile and easily broken, but when you apply ShowSheen, you are protecting the hair shafts from breakage and taking a big step towards growing longer, fuller manes and tails.

ShowSheen® is proven to make detangling easier

Who doesn’t want a mane or tail that’s easy to comb through? When you apply ShowSheen and brush through healthy hair, knots and snags are easy to work through, resulting in less breakage.

ShowSheen® is proven to minimize tail breakage

Hair breakage is the enemy of long, full tails! When brushing the tail, you want that potential breakage to be at an absolute minimum. Applying ShowSheen generously and brushing from the bottom-up will protect the hair and keep hairs intact as much as possible.

ShowSheen® improves hair resiliency, and helps resist hair damage due to brushing

Applying ShowSheen helps mane and tail hair hold up to daily life, whether it’s being brushed, washed, windblown, swished, braided, scratched, or yanked on by the cheeky neighbor pony. ShowSheen offers protection for the long term, keeping manes and tails long and full.

Brushing a horse's mane with a brush and ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler

So that’s the proof: when you incorporate a spritz of ShowSheen® into your regular grooming routine, you’re not only getting good looks, but you’re also helping to keep hair healthy and strong. Now that’s grooming done right!

Read the results of the independent laboratory research here!

*Research results on file, study conducted April 2018.

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  • Barbara Jill on

    As a young rider (1960s -1980) Show Sheen was the only way to go. We loved the Sheen/shine!.
    Welcome to the 90s, and my discovery of Cowboy Magic. Until now! Recently I found a small tube of new Show Sheen gel detangler. I am hooked! Better than C.M. and less expensive, AND smells better too! Always been a fan of Absorbine products. You really won me back on this one. Just wanted to let you know!
    Happy horses!🐎🐎

  • Animal Care Team on

    Hello Amanda! No, ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler (the original ShowSheen product we all know and love) does NOT contain any alcohol.

  • Animal Care Team on

    Hello Annamarie, this product has been on the market and used for dogs for a long time. There is no danger of your dog having a toxic reaction from licking a little off of their coat. It would give them a stomach ache if they ingested a large amount of it but a little is ok. Thanks for your question! -Team Absorbine

  • Animal Care Team on

    Hello Jane, we do not list the ingredients of ShowSheen because our formula is proprietary. If you have a question about a specific substance you know your animal is allergic to already, you can contact customer service and we may be able to tell you if ShowSheen contains that ingredient. Thank you!

  • Richard G Volz on

    I’ve used Show Sheen on the horses I groomed at the racetrack especially on race day. I really works well on the main and tail, but just the main and tail. I would never use it anywhere on the body especially where the saddle is placed, it would more than likely slip back if you don’t use a damp shammy to help hold the saddle in place as we do on every racehorse that trains at the track.

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