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ShowSheen: Beautiful Results Backed by Science

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ShowSheen: Beautiful Results Backed by Science

ShowSheen® Original Hair Polish & Detangler has long been a top choice in grooming with a 40-year history of helping horses look and feel their best. The shiny coats, tangle free manes, and flowing tails are expected when it comes to regular application, but we are often asked – is ShowSheen good for my horse’s hair?

You bet it is. The high-quality ingredients in ShowSheen® are proven to protect and condition hair for longer, fuller, manes and tails. We recently put ShowSheen® through independent testing that studied the formula’s effects on hair health, and we were more than pleased with the shining results.

Here’s what we found out:

ShowSheen® is proven to protect hair and reduce breakage by 40%

Horse hair can be fragile and easily broken, but when you apply ShowSheen, you are protecting the hair shafts from breakage and taking a big step towards growing longer, fuller manes and tails.

ShowSheen® is proven to make detangling easier

Who doesn’t want a mane or tail that’s easy to comb through? When you apply ShowSheen and brush through healthy hair, knots and snags are easy to work through, resulting in less breakage.

ShowSheen® is proven to minimize tail breakage

Hair breakage is the enemy of long, full tails! When brushing the tail, you want that potential breakage to be at an absolute minimum. Applying ShowSheen generously and brushing from the bottom-up will protect the hair and keep hairs intact as much as possible.

ShowSheen® improves hair resiliency, and helps resist hair damage due to brushing

Applying ShowSheen helps mane and tail hair hold up to daily life, whether it’s being brushed, washed, windblown, swished, braided, scratched, or yanked on by the cheeky neighbor pony. ShowSheen offers protection for the long term, keeping manes and tails long and full.

Brushing a horse's mane with a brush and ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler


This experiment utilizes an automated grooming device that consists of a hollow rotating drum-like assembly, on which four outer crossbars hold mounted combs or brushes. One complete drum revolution combs a tress four times. Tresses treated with and without ShowSheen® were groomed for a total of 2,000 cycles, collected, and assessed.

Dry Grooming Test Results


Tresses treated with ShowSheen® showed a 40%
decrease in breakage when compared to the Control.

What this means for you and your horse:

ShowSheen® protects hair from damage due to brushing, for significantly reduced breakage and fuller, longer manes and tails.


Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) was used to evaluate the  effects of treatment on horse hair fiber integrity and surface condition. Tresses were treated with and without ShowSheen®, then fibers were randomly selected and viewed under SEM. The SEM pictures were recorded at 10KV with a working distance of ~10mm at both 500x and 5000x magnification. Three locations per fiber were imaged.

Scanning Electron Microscope image of horse hair after showsheen


Tresses treated with ShowSheen® showed a 40% decrease in breakage when compared to the Control.

What this means for you and your horse:

ShowSheen® smooths hair to improve the appearance of manes and tails, and aid in detangling.


To evaluate the smoothness properties in the dry state of tresses treated with and without ShowSheen®, instrumental combing is used to measure frictional forces. Six combing strokes are performed per tress, while eight replicate hair tresses are used per sample to ensure statistical relevance.

Force graph for horse hair grooming


A decrease in dry combing force of approximately 38% was measured in tresses treated with ShowSheen® when compared to the Control treatment.

What this means for you and your horse:

ShowSheen® reduces friction during brushing to make detangling much easier.

ShowSheen Hair Polish Bottles

So that’s the proof: when you incorporate a spritz of ShowSheen® into your regular grooming routine, you’re not only getting good looks, but you’re also helping to keep hair healthy and strong. Now that’s grooming done right!


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