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Winter Horse Grooming Tips

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Winter Horse Grooming Tips

Cold weather can make winter grooming difficult – which is why at Absorbine® we are always looking to learn new grooming tips and tricks from our users. Here is a roundup of their winter grooming tips!

Shows a horse kicking in the snow. Article is on winter grooming tips.

Photo: Dave & Andy

Here are some great winter horse grooming tips our fans have submitted:

  • Invest in a blanket with a neck. This will help keep your horse warm – and his mane from becoming extra tangled
  • Spray ShowSheen® Hair Polish or Santa Fe Coat™ Conditioner on your horse's coat before putting on his blanket. Users love how this reduces static, and helps prevent blanket rubs in the winter
  • Just before your horse comes in from the cold, put a few towels in the dryer. A rub-down with the hot towels is a nice treat for your horse when he comes into the barn, plus it will help remove dirt from his coat
  • For quick-touch ups in between baths, a dry shampoo like Miracle Groom® will clean and condition without water
  • Let your horse roll in fresh snow - it's like a free grooming

    Do you have other winter grooming tips? Share them in the comments section below, or post them to our Facebook wall!

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