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Top 6 Exercises To Do with Your Horse When You Can’t Ride with Julie Goodnight

Posted by Animal Care Team on
For some riders, the winter months can mean less time in the saddle. We spoke with top natural horsemanship trainer and Team Absorbine rider Julie Goodnight about the best ways to spend downtime.

Treat Scratches, Rain Rot, and Sweet Itch with the Natural Healing Power of Silver Honey

Posted by Animal Care Team on
In the horse world, skin conditions can escalate extremely quickly! Scratches, rain rot and sweet itch can cause real problems and even lameness if left untreated. Here’s a how-to on beating each type of skin irritation.

11 Tips for Superior Winter Grooming

Posted by Animal Care Team on
11 Tips for horse care in the winter, from Team Absorbine! Covers winter grooming, hoof, supplementing, blanketing and more.

Keeping Senior Horses Safe, Happy & Healthy Over Winter

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Short horse care tips for senior horses including blanketing, feeding, watering, shelter, paddock safety and healthy inflammatory responses.

Ten Tips for Winter Horse Care

Posted by Animal Care Team on
You may have heard – WINTER IS COMING. The horses are puffing their coats out, a blanket of frost on the pasture greets us in the chilly mornings, and evening rides are cut short as the sun retreats earlier and earlier. Winter is inevitable – it’s best to be ready! Here’s a refresher on winter horse care to keep things running smoothly at the barn until spring comes again.