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Keeping Senior Horses Safe, Happy & Healthy Over Winter

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Short horse care tips for senior horses including blanketing, feeding, watering, shelter, paddock safety and healthy inflammatory responses.

Ten Tips for Winter Horse Care

Posted by Animal Care Team on
You may have heard – WINTER IS COMING. The horses are puffing their coats out, a blanket of frost on the pasture greets us in the chilly mornings, and evening rides are cut short as the sun retreats earlier and earlier. Winter is inevitable – it’s best to be ready! Here’s a refresher on winter horse care to keep things running smoothly at the barn until spring comes again.

Horse Grooming For Health & Wellness

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Regular grooming keeps your horse’s skin and coat healthy, but do you know all of the related health benefits? Gig deeper into the physical and psychological benefits of grooming, as well as tricks for how ShowSheen® can make grooming easier and last longer.

Identify, Treat & Prevent Skin Conditions on Horses

Posted by Animal Care Team on

Horse owners frequently battle skin conditions. Here, we present horse care knowledge to help identify, treat and prevent skin conditions on horses! Your horse’s skin is up to four times more sensitive that a human’s. Not only is it more sensitive to touch, but with thick coats and outdoor lives, their skin is very susceptible to skin conditions. 

Some Winter Motivation

Posted by Animal Care Team on
On January 5th, Absorbine asked our fans on Facebook for some inspiring words to help each other motivate to the barn. We all need to go, they’re depending on us, but we thought it would be nice to be reminded with some winter motivation. Here are just a few of the encouraging words from readers in the Absorbine Blog!