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Use ProCMC® To Prevent Gastric Upset In Horses This Winter

Posted by Animal Care Team on
In many locations across the USA, the winter season means increased hours of stall time for our horses. Whatever their situation may be, many horses end up standing in their stall for more hours each day during the winter. This causes stress, which can lead to higher acid levels in the gut and over time, gastric irritation. That’s why we’re reminding you of our ProCMC supplement to prevent gastric upset in horses on the Absorbine Blog. 

How to Prevent and Treat Scratches

Posted by Animal Care Team on
At the least, pastern dermatitis is an unsightly condition, and at the worst it can lead to serious health issues. So let’s talk about how to prevent and treat scratches. Absorbine Blog

Fungasol: Now With Biopolysan Booster Derived From Coconuts

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Absorbine® is proud to introduce Fungasol®, your go-to solution to help treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions on horses! Our new cleansing shampoo, convenient spray, and thick ointment all contain therapeutic ingredients plus the addition of revolutionary Biopolysan® booster, proven to boost the effectiveness of the formula. Read on about the research behind our new equine skin treatment with Biopolysan® to combat equine skin conditions.

Winter grooming made easy with Miracle Groom

Posted by Animal Care Team on

As we move through February and, hopefully, the last full month of winter weather, you may be feeling as impatient for spring as we are. When I walk out to the pasture, it seems pretty...

What Exactly Is Thrush & How Do You Treat It?

Posted by Animal Care Team on
What is that awful smell? Equine thrush infection is a condition many of us horse owners battle. It is described as an infection localized in the soft triangular-shaped “frog” of the hoof, especially the grooves on the sides and middle of the frog called the sulci. Read on for loads of info on equine thrush on the Absorbine Blog!