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Use ProCMC® To Prevent Gastric Upset In Horses This Winter

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Absorbine Pro CMC for equine gastric upset

In many locations across the USA, the winter season means increased hours of stall time for our horses. “Neigh,” one might say, “equestrians are a hearty lot. A wintery ride through pristine snow drifts can be a good adventure for both of us.” And that’s very true, but the law of averages tends to win out in the bitter cold or February. It can be a challenge to get to the barn after work, bundle into fifteen layers and get out for a ride before the sun sets. Even if you’re lucky enough to have an indoor arena, old-man winter can slow the best of us down.

Whatever their situation may be, many horses end up standing in their stall for more hours each day during the winter. This causes stress, which can lead to higher acid levels in the gut and over time, gastric irritation. That’s why we’re reminding you of our ProCMC supplement to prevent gastric upset in horses. ProCMC is a soothing liquid buffer designed to help guard against equine gastric distress, resist changes in the stomach’s pH and help maintain a healthy stomach.

Now we should clearly state that there are many cases where a horse owner and their veterinarian need a powerful internal medicine to combat gastric distress or ulcers. There are excellent medications with proven track records that’ve helped many a horse. Our gastric support supplement is great for the less-critical situations as a daily supplement. It’s an affordable way to prevent gastric upset in horses during high-stress periods. It works by coating the stomach lining, acting as a buffer against excess stomach acid. Use it in your daily feed routine anytime, during winter, at shows, before trailering or any time your horse may be stressed.

Just feed the highly palatable apple-flavored liquid with your horse’s feed once or twice daily. ProCMC has an easy-to-use bottle with a convenient built-in measuring feature – no scoop or cup needed. Feeding our calcium and magnesium buffer at the critical times can prevent gastric upset in horses. It may also slow your wallet from emptying out so quickly!

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