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Equine Movement Issues Solved with Jim Masterson

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Equine Movement Issues Solved with Jim Masterson Absorbine Blog

During Equine Affaire in West Springfield, MA last November, the stars magically aligned for us. Jim Masterson of The Masterson Method® was a presenter at Equine Affaire®, and his wife Conley accompanied him from their home in Iowa. Karen Tappendon, Senior Editor of Holistic Horse (also a professional videographer) was also in town. And of course the Absorbine crew – Equine Affaire is right around the corner from headquarters. In the midst of this huge equine event we found a morning to spend together.

Equine Movement Issues Solved with Jim Masterson Absorbine Blog

We also had a very willing Morgan mare. Nine year old Mazy is always willing to stand for a close-up. She even seems to revel in the spotlight! It was a real joy to watch her soak up the attention. Mazy happens to be learning a new job in dressage and we thought she could use some therapeutic body work. You see, Jim Masterson has perfected integrated equine performance bodywork. The best part? He loves to teach others how! We thought this would be a perfect time to record him resolving specific equine movement issues and the underlying pain and tension that can cause them.

So we met up in Hatfield, MA at Mazy’s place for a nice long Masterson Method session. It was a freezing cold day so you see Mazy had her cooler on and off throughout the session. For the people standing around with cameras and lights it felt even colder but don’t worry – we had ample coffee and doughnuts.

Horse being filmed in a barn aisle.

Through it all Mazy stood for us like a pro with frequent quiet breaks in the action to clear her head. In the end, Karen captured enough video for five short segments that start to teach you Jim’s unique techniques. We hope you enjoy them, and that they help to demystify some common equine movement issues. Watching him work it’s easy to fancy him a sort of “Caesar Milan” of horses. Much of his work relies on the fight/flight instincts in horses, and in this writer’s opinion that is what makes his interactive method such a breakthrough in horse care.

Watch all five segments in this playlist:

To learn even more visit The Masterson Method website where you can buy instructional DVD’s or schedule a session yourself!

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