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Top 6 Exercises To Do with Your Horse When You Can’t Ride with Julie Goodnight

Posted by Animal Care Team on
For some riders, the winter months can mean less time in the saddle. We spoke with top natural horsemanship trainer and Team Absorbine rider Julie Goodnight about the best ways to spend downtime.

Behind The Scenes With Julie Goodnight

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Welcome Julie Goodnight, Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Team Absorbine Rider, to the Absorbine Blog! Julie brings us up to speed on her activities during the shut down and her experience training Doc Gunner, her latest rescue horse that happens to be deaf. Julie has so much valuable horsemanship knowledge to share.

Advice from Top Eventer Sinead Halpin

Posted by Team Absorbine on
Sinead Halpin, member of Team Absorbine®, shared her advice for up-and-coming eventers. Includes the best advice she ever received, how to grow from failure, and how to always continue developing as a rider. Join is as we to talk with her about some of her secrets to success.

Simple Exercises To Improve Horseback Riding

Posted by Angelea Walkup on
Here’s a few simple exercises to improve your riding. Are there saw horses at your barn? What about jumps or a feed table? I’m guessing you probably have a kitchen counter at home? If you can find any or all of the above then you can give yourself a wonderful warm-up or even a complete daily workout! 

Pilates Exercises for Horseback Riding

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Most of the sports we do can be enhanced by a little physical training. Pilates may not be for everyone, but it is interesting to note what muscle groups they suggest you target and it does seem to be a good fit for some equestrians.