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Supplement Before the Stiffness Starts: Exploring Bute-Less® and Flex+Max®

Posted by Animal Care Team on

When it comes to managing joint health and muscle discomfort, you don’t need to wait until your horse is showing signs to start feeding supplements – any horse at any age and activity level can benefit from preventative maintenance.

Absorbine® offers two different supplement brands targeting muscle and joint care: Bute-Less® and Flex+Max®.

Pain Management For The Long Term

Posted by Animal Care Team on

All athletes, human and equine, feel the effects of intense exercise on their bodies. So what can you do to keep them feeling their best? You need to look at pain management for the long term. Absorbine Blog

Your Guide to Decoding Equine Joint Health Supplements

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Picking the right joint health supplements for your horse doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Be prepared by learning exactly what ingredients equine joint health supplements should include.

Bioavailability is critical for equine joint supplements

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Bioavailability is critical for equine joint supplements, and that's just one of the reasons Flex+Max Pelleted Joint Supplement works better than the others. Read what makes our special chondroitin more bioavailable. 

Five Applications for Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Take a closer look at some of the key applications for the horse world’s most trusted liniment – some of them may surprise you! Skin conditions, hoof care, senior care and more!