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What Is Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel?

Posted by Animal Care Team on

The Absorbine® brand of liniments have been trusted by horsemen for over 125 years to relieve muscle and joint pain and speed healing. One popular, powerful and soothing liniment we make is Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment...

Reconforta Músculos Y Articulaciones Incansables

Posted by Animal Care Team on

  Alivio de Dolor con Potencia de Caballos de Fuerz Los jinetes han confiado en Absorbine® durante más de 125 años para aliviar el dolor muscular y articular y acelerar la recuperación. Está hecho en...

Then and Now, Our Liniments are The Top Choice of Professionals

Posted by Animal Care Team on
See why this proven muscle and joint remedy, Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment, has remained the top choice or professionals, both then and now.

Ten Tips for Winter Horse Care

Posted by Animal Care Team on
You may have heard – WINTER IS COMING. The horses are puffing their coats out, a blanket of frost on the pasture greets us in the chilly mornings, and evening rides are cut short as the sun retreats earlier and earlier. Winter is inevitable – it’s best to be ready! Here’s a refresher on winter horse care to keep things running smoothly at the barn until spring comes again.

More Ways To Use Absorbine Veterinary Liniment

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Since 1892, we’ve been telling the world about the many ways to use Absorbine Veterinary Liniment to help take care of your horses. Our multi-use liniment guide has been a recurring theme with us for over a hundred years now. Here are ways you can use Absorbine Veterinary Liniment for excellent horse care!