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Pain Management For The Long Term

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Pain Management For The Long Term - Absorbine

If you are competing in the equestrian sports, you and your horse know just how great it feels when months and years of hard work come together in a great performance. The unique synergy between horse and rider has been fondly discussed for ages.

But all athletes, human and equine, feel the effects of intense exercise on their bodies. Just look at football players, extreme skiers, baseball players…top level athletic activities eventually beat our joints up. According to the Journal of Applied Physiology (1), over time, intense exercise can take a lasting toll on your horse’s soft tissues and joints. As many of us have observed, our horses like to compete just as much or more than we do, so what can you do to keep them feeling their best?

You need to look at pain management for the long term. Managing inflammation is thought to be key when addressing the pain and stiffness of an equine athlete’s joints (2). But when used for extended periods, some prescription pain relief solutions have been linked to gastric distress among other side effects, so it’s important to have a long term pain relief plan.

Fortunately, W. F. Young, Inc. offers high quality products you can use in tandem to help keep your equine partner feeling good and moving smoothly, no prescription needed!

Equine Horse Pain Management Absorbine Bottles

On the outside, the soothing menthol in an herbal base found in Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment deliver fast relief of temporary muscular and joint soreness, swelling and stiffness. The deep penetrating heat also soothes the pain and swelling of tissues due to arthritis. As you run your hands down your horse’s leg applying liniment, you’ll have the opportunity to get real-time observations of your horse’s day-to-day condition – it’s hands-on horsemanship in the finest tradition! You can find Absorbine Veterinary Liniment in the classic ocher colored bottle at most tack shops.

On the inside, Bute-Less™ Comfort And Recovery Support offers support for a healthy inflammatory response and eases discomfort associated with exercise and aging. Bute-Less is also gentle on your horse’s stomach, so you can use it as part of your long-term plan. Bute-Less is formulated with the herb Devil’s Claw and Vitamin B-12 and is a four-time Horse JournalTM Editor’s Pick, most recently in 2011.


1.Read more about the effects of high-intensity exercise in this Journal Of Applied Physiology article : Physical activity: does long-term, high-intensity exercise in horses result in tendon degeneration?

2. Read more about managing inflammation in an Alberta Agricultural and Rural Development article by Patricia M. Dowling, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVCP

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