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Using the Haverhill Absorbine® Bathing Station To Get The Most From Bath Time

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Haverhill Farm Riding Academy

Absorbine Partners Haverhill Farm shared their full bathing system featuring Absorbine Skin & Coat care products. See how the reputable riding academy teaches their students to bathe! 

Step 1

Paint Hooves with Hooflex® Conditioner

Why? This protects them during the bath from the water and soap!


applying Hooflex hoof conditioner


Step 2

Pick Your Shampoo

If your horse is just dirty and you want the softest, shiniest result - use the ShowSheen 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner 

ShowSheen 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

If your horse has skin funk, use soothing Fungasol Shampoo to medicate and stop infections in their tracks. 

Fungasol Medicated Shampoo                              

**Spray horse with warm water starting at the front legs and working your way up and back. Grab a bucket and put some shampoo in then spray to create a bubble bath. Scrub scrub scrub! Make sure to give enough attention to dirty areas like feathers, docks, manes and tails. . 

Step 3

Sweat Scraping

Sweat scraping a horse after a bath - Absorbine Blog

Step 4

Coat Finishing 

  Spray with Santa Fe conditioner all over.

Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen

If your horse has skin funk, apply Fungasol ointment or spray on affected areas.

Fungasol Spray

Spraying Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen on horse

Step 5

Let Dry While Grazing

Grazing in the sunshine is a big reward for a bath and will help them dry faster!

Two horses with beautiful hair

Step 6

ShowSheen Your Horse

Apply ShowSheen to neck, legs and hind end to help prevent new dirty from sticking!

spraying ShowSheen


Perfect horse riding outdoor ring

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