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Absorbine Spotlight - Lady The Elephant

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Lady the Elephant in a field

Absorbine is proud to partner with Global Sanctuary for Elephants to sponsor a sweet elephant named Lady, whose health is being supported thanks in part to several Absorbine products.

Dr. Patrica London, DVM  and founder of the Asian Elephant Wellness Project, reached out to us in 2022 to tell us about Lady, who currently lives at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil..  The sanctuary is home to six rescued Asian elephants, with more on the way; the animal healthcare providers have been nurturing elephants in need since 2016. Lady’s story is sadly not uncommon; she is approximately 50 years old and spent over 40 of those years in a circus before being sent to live at a zoo. She was initially chained in a yard so small that she could only take a few steps. Lady developed foot issues, including osteomyelitis, due to a lack of foot care and the harsh and unclean surfaces on which she was forced to stand.

 elephant chained

Thanks to the sanctuary, Lady now receives highly specialized but costly daily treatment for her feet, which she will require for the rest of her life. She now has the ability to roam around a large, natural habitat, which is good for both the feet and the soul. She has become a feisty and charming elephant with a strong will to thrive.

 Lady the elephant

To help with Lady’s chronic foot problems, the sanctuary uses the Absorbine Hooflex® line to help prevent new issues from arising and treating any problems that do pop up. Both Lady and her sanctuary sister Rana are given the Hooflex® Concentrated Hoof Builder Supplement daily to provide the essential building blocks that support strong and healthy feet. The Hooflex® All-Natural Dressing is mostly used on Lady, but the sanctuary also uses it on the other elephants when they are getting work done on their feet in the dry season, and if they notice that an elephant has dry cuticles. They combine the All-Natural Dressing with the Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner for Lady because of its antibacterial and antifungal agents that help to prevent infection. To help kill and prevent bacteria and fungi from causing any more issues in Lady’s feet, they also use the Hooflex® thrush remedy.

Dr. London and the sanctuary staff report that “Lady loves wandering in the farthest and most dense yards of the sanctuary, which is impressive considering the state of her feet. She is fearless when facing hills, valleys, and thick brush.” To help provide relief from any discomfort, she is also given Bute-Less® Comfort & Recovery Support Pellets. This promotes a balanced inflammatory response and helps ease aches and discomfort associated with aging and exercise.  Besides her long happy walks, Lady loves watermelon -- and crunchy pumpkins are her favorite vegetable.  But she’ll cooperate with any requested behavior for a handful of Froot Loops!

We are so happy that we were able to partner with Dr. London and Global Sanctuary for Elephants to help these beautiful animals live a healthy life on their own terms.  If you want to learn more about Lady or the work that Global Sanctuary for Elephants does, check out their website

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