website Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothee Schneider Joins Team Absorbine

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Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothee Schneider Joins Team Absorbine

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Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothee Schneider Joins Team Absorbine - Absorbine

At W.F. Young, we are thrilled to announce our official sponsorship of Dorothee Schneider, a top international dressage rider with an impressive track record of achievements. Schneider has been a key player in many winning German teams at the Olympic, World, and European championships, as well as numerous other titles.

Dorothee Schneider with her Olympic gold medal, left.

Dorothee Schneider, left, on the 2016 Summer Olympics podium with her winning teammates from Germany

Our company's ethos has always been to prioritize animal health and wellbeing, and we couldn't be more excited to partner with someone who shares the same values as us. Schneider's dedication to her horses and her team's efforts in ensuring their happiness and health are truly inspiring, and we're proud to support her in her journey.

“I like my horses to be turned out beautifully for competition days, and the ShowSheen range of Absorbine products help to ensure they look their very best.  I also love Absorbine’s Hooflex hoof care and UltraShield fly control products and the Silver Honey wound care is brilliant for those inevitable minor cuts and grazes”, said Dorothee.

Not only is Schneider a top athlete, but she's also a well-known trainer, giving lessons to students and running a thriving stud standing several stallions. She has a huge international appeal and is much in demand for clinics and demonstrations both in Europe and the US. This aligns perfectly with the international distribution of Absorbine products, which are known throughout the world.

Our Vice President of Marketing, Amy Cairy, said, "We are delighted to be working with Dorothee, who embodies our company ethos of putting the horses' care and wellbeing first. Her dedication and the strong bond she has with her horses make a true partnership and this reflects the relationship we have with our animals, and what we wish for our customers. We look forward to this journey."

As a company dedicated to animal health and wellbeing, we're excited to support Schneider and continue to follow her success. For more information on Dorothee, visit her website at, and for Absorbine, visit our website at

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