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Absorbine® Partners With US Equestrian

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Absorbine official liniments and fly sprays of US Equestrian USEF

US Equestrian (formerly known as U.S.E.F.) has been dedicated to uniting the equestrian community and serving as guardians to the sport since its inception in 1917. Whether you are a top-level competitor, a recreational rider, a coach, a trainer, a fan, or an enthusiast, US Equestrian offers membership to anyone who has a bond with the horse. The organization serves as the National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport, and is fiercely dedicated to uniting the community across breeds, disciplines, and riding levels. As sponsors, Absorbine® is proud to be involved with such an impactful and unifying force in the equestrian world.

In 2015, Absorbine® Liniments were named the official liniments of the organization.

Absorbine official liniments and fly sprays of US Equestrian USEF

In 2017, UltraShield® Fly Control products were named the official fly control products or US Equestrian.

Absorbine official liniments and fly sprays of US Equestrian USEF

Absorbine® and US Equestrian both strive to improve the equestrian experience by offering excellence, value, and education to riders and enthusiasts. Absorbine® is pleased to be able to support US Equestrian’s dedication to growing and maintaining the sport!

Statement on Absorbine Veterinary Liniments in competition:

“Some ingredients in Absorbine Veterinary Liniment and Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel are forbidden under the USEF Drugs & Medications Rule; however, provided the products containing these substances are administered only topically and as recommended by the manufacturer, there is no need for restricting their use during competitions under USEF rules. However, if these products are used inappropriately, e.g., in a manner other than topically, this could result in a positive finding in the blood or urine of the horse, which would be a potential violation of the rules.” June 2014

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