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Absorbine Spotlight: The Masterson Method® and Absorbine® Working Together in Partnership

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Team Absorbine Jim Masterson

Team Absorbine® member Jim Masterson is the developer of the Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork®. Jim has used Absorbine® for many years and talked about how to best use our products in conjunction with equine bodywork to treat and alleviate pain and tension.

Much of the tension that Jim releases through The Masterson Method® stems from primary pain issues that horse owners may be unaware of. Jim uses Absorbine® products to help treat primary pain in horses’ hooves, joints, legs, and muscles so that horses do not develop tension that negatively affects their performance.

Absorbine®: How did you first learn about Absorbine®? How long have you been using our products?

Jim: Absorbine® has always been around, ever since I was a kid. Now there are tons of brands out there, but Absorbine® has always been the mainstay. A few years ago I was starting to think about potential partnerships and of course Absorbine® was the first thing that came to mind because they have been around for a long time and I knew that they would always be around going forward. With Absorbine® there are no smoke and mirrors, just good, traditional stuff that works. I wanted to partner with a reliable, trustworthy company like Absorbine®. And Absorbine® was what I had in my barn at the time and have in my barn to this day! We are both on the same page; we are teaching people and enabling them to take care of their own horses.

Team Absorbine Jim Masterson 
Conego drops his head as he begins to release tension with the help of Jim’s bladder meridian technique

Absorbine®: How do Absorbine® products help you to keep your horses comfortable, happy, and healthy? How do you use Absorbine® products in conjunction with the Masterson Method® to maximize the therapeutic results? Jim: Part of the process is preventing pain and tension in the body by taking care of primary pain issues in the hooves, legs, joints, and muscles. Absorbine® products target and treat the causes of pain and tension in the body, like sore feet and joints. So I really like the products like Bute-less®, Magic Cushion®, and the Bigeloil® Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps, all of which help to alleviate these primary issues, which create secondary tension in the body. And of course Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment; if a horse has sore muscles, you need to put something on the muscles that will relieve the pain!

Team Absorbine Jim Masterson

Jim applying Hooflex® All Natural Dressing and Conditioner to his horse Jeremiah’s hooves. Proper maintenance and care of the hooves is just one way Jim says that horse owners can prevent primary pain issues that can lead to tension that negatively affects performance

Absorbine®: Any final thoughts?

Jim: What we really do is teach people how to care for their own horses. So we’re kind of in the same business as Absorbine®, except that our products are our courses and our educational materials.

Team Absorbine Jim Masterson 
Jim’s dog Popper is determined to help take care of Jeremiah’s hooves!


To learning more about the Masterson Method® and to get information about online courses and educational materials, visit Jim’s website at

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