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Absorbine® Spotlight - The Mountain Pleasure Horse - Kentucky Horse Park

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Absorbine® Spotlight - The Mountain Pleasure Horse - Kentucky Horse Park - Absorbine

Absorbine® is proud to be the fly control sponsor of the Kentucky Horse Park. In this Absorbine® Spotlight, we go behind the scenes at the Breeds Barn to meet Rockin’ R’s El Vira, the Park’s Mountain Pleasure horse breed ambassador.

The Breeds Barn

The Kentucky Horse Park Breeds Barn is home to a vast array of unique and interesting breeds that hail from all over the world. During the Parade of Breeds demonstration, one can meet both new and unfamiliar breeds, as well as the beloved classics. From the Akhal-Teke, bred by nomadic Teke tribes in Turkmenistan, to the Chincoteague pony, to the Andalusian, to the Suffolk Punch, a small draft breed from Great Britain, there is a breed for everyone to fall in love with!

Mountain Pleasure Horse

One of the breeds you could be lucky enough to see is the Mountain Pleasure horse. The Mountain Pleasure horse is a Kentucky native, bred as a way to travel over the rugged terrain of the Appalachian region. These horses are sure-footed, easy to train, and can travel long distances. They are best known for their lateral four-beat gait, which is very smooth to sit. The Mountain Pleasure horse is thought to be the breed from which other gaited breeds were developed, including the Tennessee Walking Horse, the American Saddlebred, and the Rocky Mountain Horse. To learn more about this breed, visit the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association website at


The Kentucky Horse Park’s Mountain Pleasure horse breed ambassador is Rockin’ R’s El Vira, “Elvira”, a six year old mare on loan to the Park from Robin Little-Basil. According to Kentucky Horse Park Equine Operations manager Sheila Forbes, “Elvira is about as pretty as they come with her bright golden color and long flowing mane. Needless to say, she is sexy and she knows it!” Read on for a behind the scenes look at Elvira’s life at the KHP and find out how she spends her time when she is not in the spotlight.

ShowSheen and horse

The Scoop

What is Elvira’s daily routine like?

Elvira begins her day by coming into the barn around 8:30am each morning for breakfast and primping. She demands the works, which typically includes a bath with ShowSheen® 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, ShowSheen® to bring out the natural shine of her mane and tail, and SantaFe® Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen to keep her shining all day long. When she is not performing in the Parade of Breeds, she can be found keeping cool in her stall in front of her fan, letting the breeze blow her mane around so she always looks fabulous.

What is Elvira’s favorite treat?

Elvira’s favorite treat is carrots.

What is Elvira’s favorite Absorbine® product?

It’s really hard for Elvira to choose just one product. She knows although her beauty comes naturally, Absorbine® products really help make her the star she is. SantaFe® Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen is one of her favorite however as it really brings out her natural shine and helps her coat maintain its true palomino color in the summer. It also makes her mane feel soft and silky, and she has A LOT of mane!

SantaFe Horse Hair Conditioner and horse

Who is Elvira’s best horse friend?

Her best horse friend is Ashwarya, a Marwari mare she shares her field with. (The Marwari, originating thousands of years ago in India, is yet another breed you can meet at the Parade of Breeds.)

How long has Elvira lived at the Kentucky Horse Park?

2 years

Hooflex Natural and horse

Fun Fact:

Although Elvira may not have a star on her stall door, in her mind she is definitely the star of all of the shows and it really shows when she performs. She has been known to have a few diva moments and believes everyone that comes to the Kentucky Horse Park is there to visit her!

Elvira’s handler is Trellie Padgett. Trellie is a full-time equine worker at the Kentucky Horse Park who graduated from Asbury University in 2015. She has been working at the Kentucky Horse Park for three years. Trellie’s favorite part about her job working at the Kentucky Horse Park is the wide variety of horse breeds she gets to ride and work with on a daily basis in the Breeds Barn.

ShowSheen, Hooflex and SantaFe and horse

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