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Brooke: The World’s Largest Equine Welfare Charity

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Brooke: The World’s Largest Equine Welfare Charity - Absorbine

Absorbine® is celebrating our 125th Anniversary by sponsoring Brooke, the world’s largest international equine welfare organization, helping to alleviate the suffering of working equines in developing countries. In this segment of our five-part blog series, we hear from leaders of Absorbine® and Brooke about our shared mission.

Absorbine® is very happy to support the tremendously important efforts of Brooke, the world’s largest international equine welfare organization, in honor of our 125th Anniversary. Partnering with Brooke USA has allowed us to pay homage to our shared histories by recognizing the commitments of both Wilbur F. and Mary Ida Young, founders of W.F. Young and Absorbine, and Dorothy Brooke, founder of Brooke, to improving the lives and comfort of working horses. This common love and compassion for horses has led to a shared mission to serve horses and their owners and provide them with the best care possible. “The work Brooke does to further the quest in equine welfare across the globe, and make healthier, safer working conditions a reality for horses, donkeys, and mules in desperate need is a mission that aligns perfectly with ours,” says Chris Jacobi, President of Absorbine®. “We know this is a great match, and are proud to support their efforts during our anniversary year and give back to hard working equines around the world.”

Brooke: The World’s Largest Equine Welfare Charity

It is truly an honor to share in the legacy of Brooke. Brooke USA shares our sentiment. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Absorbine® because both our organizations have a very similar mission in improving the lives of equines,” says Cindy Rullman, Public Relations Manager at Brooke USA. “We consider this to be a perfect partnership. For us to have a partner with the caliber and reputation of Absorbine is incredible. We couldn’t be happier and want to do everything that we can to spread the word about Absorbine® and its great products and their great legacy, especially in this anniversary year”.

Brooke: The World’s Largest Equine Welfare Charity

If you too wish to support this incredibly important cause, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Brooke USA. Also, we are celebrating an unmatched legacy of caring for horses by donating a portion of the special 125th Anniversary labeled Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment product proceeds to Brooke. Your purchase of these products helps us and Brooke to support equines in need.

Additionally, do as Dorothy Brooke did and raise awareness for this cause among your personal horse community by liking Brooke USA on Facebook and sharing their posts. We will also be launching a multi-part blog that will explore the history, goals, and current interventions of Brooke. United together with Brooke through our love and appreciation for horses, it is possible to change the lives of working equines and their owners around the world.

To support the incredible work of Brooke, visit to donate today!





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