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Bute-Less® Performance: Brooke and Ellie Make the Switch - Day 30

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Bute-Less® Performance: Brooke and Ellie Make the Switch - Day 30

It’s time for our final check in with our friend Brooke and her quarter horse mare, Ellie, who have been giving Bute-Less® Performance a try for the last 30 days! Highly optimized, absorbable and clinically proven curcumin for horses.

When they began the trial, Brooke was looking to transition Ellie off of her regular COX-2 inhibitor, and on to something more natural to help with the mare’s stiffness and occasional lameness. 15 days in, Brooke was impressed to see Ellie hadn’t missed a beat; she had been consistently happy to work and was moving out comfortably.

Young woman and horse in a field

“A month later, I am absolutely pleased with the results I’m seeing from Bute-Less® Performance,” says Brooke, heading out for a trail ride with a summertime-fit Ellie, all tacked up and looking her best. “We’re not missing the COX-2 inhibitor pills at all. She is performing just as well, if not better than before. And I feel better knowing it’s curcumin for horses and not medication that is providing her the support she needs to feel her best.”

Young woman and horse jump over a log on Bute-Less Performance

As the pair tackle steep hills, jump over logs, and canter long, grassy stretches, their confidence in each other shows. Brooke has done a great job building up Ellie’s strength and stamina, and we’re glad Bute-Less® Performance could help them reach this point.


Thanks for making the switch to Bute-Less® Performance, Brooke! If you’re ready to give this clinically-proven, Ellie-approved supplement a try too, Find it here then let us know how it goes!

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