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Cowgirls Care About the Ingredients in Their Fly Spray

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Cowgirls care deeply about their horses. They feed the best nutrition to keep their partners healthy. They spend hours grooming their horse’s coat to a glistening shine. Every minute spent at the barn caring for their horse is cherished, especially when limited by work, family, and other commitments.



No cowgirl wants to “undo” the time and effort put into a thorough grooming job with greasy fly spray. Oil-based fly repellent is sticky, which attracts dust and dirt. Plus, there’s nothing worse than spending money on a fly spray that simply doesn’t work. Unsightly welts from horse fly bites are not only painful and also detract from the horse’s otherwise gleaming turnout.

That’s why cowgirls choose the long-lasting protection of UltraShield® EX. UltraShield® EX is gentle on the horse’s skin and is effective on many species of flies and insects, all without the grease and skin irritation of an oil-based spray. It’s precisely formulated to battle blood-sucking bugs in a formula that is gentle on skin. That winning combination makes UltraShield® EX the best fly repellent for horses.

Cowgirls care about safety

All fly control for horses falls into two basic formulations—those that are water-based and those that are oil-based. Makers of oil-based horse fly sprays promote that the product is designed to stick to the horse’s hair coat. Not only does the oil make a gooey, sticky mess, it’s also unhealthy for the horse’s skin.

Some oil-based horse fly repellents are made with petroleum distillates—byproducts of crude oil production. It’s often described as a colorless liquid that might smell a bit like gasoline or kerosene.

While all fly control for horses comes with a product label, there’s a chance you may not even see petroleum distillates listed on the bottle’s fine print. The government doesn’t require manufactures to include them if they make up less than 10% of the product.

Fly sprays are highly regulated for safety and efficacy, and what goes on the label is highly regulated. But that doesn’t make it cut and dry because these elements can be an active or inactive ingredient. When listed in the fine print on the fly spray bottle, petroleum distillates might be identified as mineral oil, naphtha, heavy fuel oil, waxes, and benzene.

Oil-based fly sprays make some horses more prone to burning if they are and turned out in the sun. The skin irritant can lead to itching and even dermatitis. If too much is absorbed into the skin it can be toxic.

Why take the risk with your horse when water-based UltashieldEX offers a safer alternative that repels nearly 70 insect species?

UltraShield®EX is a highly effective water-based product without the concerns or mess of that comes along withoil-based products. That is because UltraShield®EX includes ingredients known as synergists. These additives keep the formula from breaking down when exposed to sunlight, rain, sweat, and other environmental conditions.

Cowgirls care about longevity

Horse fly sprays are not cheap. No cowgirl wants to find out the bottle of fly spray they purchased is a waste of money by running off as soon as the horse sweats, or worse—not working at all. Cowgirls work hard for the money they spend on their horses and want a horse fly repellent that is going to last more than 20 minutes and is able to withstand work and rain.

UltraShield® EX provides longer-lasting coverage (up to 17 days)  it offers protection from up to 70 different insect species. Not all water-based repellents are as effective as UltraShield®EX. That is because UltraShield®EX uses high performance ingredients including specially selected synergists. These additives keep the formula from breaking down when exposed to sunlight, rain, sweat, and other environmental conditions.

Cowgirls care about performance

Whether it’s in the show pen, out in the pasture, or on the trail, cowgirls want peace of mind that the products they use are going to perform as expected. Year-after-year cowgirls have given UltraShield®Ex a 5-star rating. It just goes to show that sprays don’t need oil to be long-lasting: The UltraBond® Technology makes UltraShield® EX the longest-lasting fly spray and it is water-based.

Take note—to get the most out of your fly spray, it should be applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Following the recommendations saves time and money because it will help the spray stick better and last longer.

Make the most of your fly spray purchase:

UltraShield® EX is precisely formulated to offer the most effective protection for up to 17 days. To get the best performance from your purchase try these tips next time you apply fly spray.

  • Shake well before use.
  • Remove dust, mud, and debris so the fly spray can stick to the horse’s coat.
  • Use enough spray to be effective.
    • A small spritz is not going to work. For the best results apply up to two ounces per application. That equals about 45 pumps of the spray bottle as you move around your horse.
  • Protect your whole horse. Flies can find even the smallest untreated areas so don’t skip any area of the body.
  • For the ultimate application, brush the hair up before you apply the spray and then brush through the coat when done for even coverage.
  • Store fly sprays out of the sun, which damages the active ingredients.
  • Spray a soft cloth for application to the face and other sensitive areas.



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