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Wanted: Fly Spray that Helps Keep You in the Saddle (and the Ribbons)

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Wanted: Fly Spray that Helps Keep You in the Saddle (and the Ribbons) - Absorbine

Don’t let a horse fly be the reason you end up in the dirt. Even a freshly groomed arena isn’t quite as soft as landing on a pillow. The most patient, well-trained horse can’t help but kick up its heels at a painful horsefly bite.



Pesky insects can mean the difference between winning an event or finishing out of the ribbons. A western pleasure horse that hippity hops across the ring from one deer fly or house fly can drop you from the top of the judge’s card to the bottom.

You may be cruising to a plus score on your reining pattern when a horsefly distracts your horse during your run down. Or really showing off your extended trot in your ranch riding class when a pesky fly puts too much pep in your horse’s step and breaks stride. Buzzing bugs turn a relaxing trail ride and ranch work into a tedious adventure people and horses alike can’t wait.

That’s why effective fly repellents top every rider’s most wanted list. UltraShield®EX invites you to try a spray that actually works.  The reward—greater comfort for your horse, longer-lasting protection that is easy to use.

Ditch the mess
The best fly spray for horses is one that offers long-lasting protection against multiple species of bothersome bugs. UltraShield® EX takes the frustration out of fly control by targeting 70 different types of insects including flies, horse flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats.

Horse fly repellents that offer tick prevention are increasingly important. Reported cases of Lyme Disease have increased by double-digits in Texas and western states not usually plagued by the debilitating disease.

Best of all, you don’t need horse fly repellents with greasy oils to protect your horse from most blood-sucking, disease-carrying insects. UltraShield® EX is gentle on the horse’s skin without sacrificing power against flies and insects.

Homemade horse fly sprays are promoted as a natural alternative to manufactured sprays. But they require a long list of ingredients that are not always readily available. Plus, it’s time-consuming and messy to measure and mix. One mistake can dilute the mixture making it ineffective. Buying the precisely formulated UltraShield® EX means every application offers protection. Think of the money the time and money that can be saved buying a 32 oz., 40 oz., or gallon bottle of ready-to-use spray.

Eliminating the “yuck”
Not all horse fly sprays are created equal. Some just plain smell bad. Others leave an oily residue. Oil-based repellents are made with an ingredient called petroleum distillates.

These mixtures can smell like kerosene or gasoline (YUCK!) and have a drying effect on the horse’s skin, which can cause cracking and dermatitis.

Oil-based sprays might make your horse’s coat shiny when first applied but these products counteract hours you spend grooming and bathing your horse because the grease tends to attract dirt and dust. Beachgoers use tanning oils to draw in the sun’s rays. Oil-based fly sprays can have a similar effect and sensitive horses may be more likely to burn.

The idea behind oil-based formulations is that the spray molecules will stick the oils on the skin. That means the skin can absorb the materials and in rare cases can be toxic if too much gets in the bloodstream.  Water-based products are gentler on sensitive skin.

Fly sprays don’t need oil to be long-lasting. The UltraBond Technology® found in UltraShield® EX helps the formula securely adhere to the hair to extend repellency to make it a long-lasting fly spray. The water-based fly spray is consistently rated the best fly spray by consumers year after year. Chronicle of the Horse Reader’s Choice Award has placed UltraShield® EX as its top-pick three years in a row.

End Fly Frustration

Biting bugs disrupt your horse’s relaxation time in turnout and horse fly bites leave unsightly welts. It doesn’t matter the horse fly size, even the smallest blood-suckers feast on tender areas leaving open, sometimes oozing sores.

Standing around stomping at flies wears down your horse’s hooves requiring more frequent farrier visits and potentially causing lameness. Blood-sucking insects can even lead to fatigue and malnutrition. Worst of all, insects carry diseases, some of them particularly dangerous to horses.

End your fly frustration for good with UltraShield® EX. The ready-to-use formula lasts up to 17 days. The repellent’s water-base means it also won’t burn your horse in the sun like an oil can. Two other ingredients-- sunscreen and lanolin-- keep your horse’s coat insect-free and conditioned all in one step. 

Plus, with UltraShield®EX you can protect more than your horses. The fly spray can be used as a premise spray and is approved for use on dogs.

Not our first rodeo
This is not our first rodeo—Absorbine was founded in 1892 and UltraShield® is made in Texas. UltraShield®EX is guaranteed to repel bugs that may transmit disease by offering long-lasting, effective, and safe protections.

Don’t waste a minute of the summer riding season swatting at bugs or fighting with an uncomfortable horse. Make the most of your time at the barn by choosing a fly spray that is easy and safe to use.




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