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How To Use UltraShield As A Premise Spray

We all know that fly repellents and sprays are a great way to protect your horse during turn-out, training, and trail rides—but did you know that using premise sprays inside your barn or stable is an additional way to keep your horse protected?

Premise sprays are commonly used to kill biting and nuisance flies, as well as crawling species such as Deer Ticks and Carpenter Ants on surfaces inside your barn. In fact, many equine fly sprays perform “double-duty” as a premise spray. Both UltraShield® EX and UltraShield® Red from Absorbine® may be used as an equine spray ora premise spray.

Here are a few helpful tips for using premise sprays in and around your barn.

  1. Always read and follow the spray’s label directions.
    Premise spray directions can vary from brand to brand, and it’s important you understand the correct application method. For example, some premise sprays are designed to be diluted with water first, while others can be applied directly from the bottle. You can also typically find the names of the insect species that the spray works on.
  2. Spray around outside of door facings and screens.
    Using premise sprays around entrance areas discourages insects from coming inside and helps prevent them from entering the building. It also helps keep entry points unattractive to insects.
  3. Look for areas where insects congregate.
    Many fly sprays, like UltraShield EX and UltraShield Red, can be sprayed in areas where they amass to kill on contact. Identify and spot-treat insect problem areas in your barn to kill existing insects and help prevent further insects from congregating.
  4. Never dispose of premise sprays before reading label instructions.
    The ingredients in UltraShield EX and UltraShield Red have been successfully tested for use on horses. They can however be harmful to fish in higher concentrations, so never just pour premise sprays down the drain. The label will provide instructions on how to dispose of expired or unwanted product properly.
    And remember, keeping flies out of the barn and away from your horse not only eliminates a stressful situation and makes your horse more comfortable, but also helps protect your horse from disease.