website Eventer Sinead Halpin: Member of Team Absorbine

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Eventer Sinead Halpin: Member of Team Absorbine

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Eventer Sinead Halpin: Member of Team Absorbine - Absorbine

Sinead Halpin is now a member of Team Absorbine®! Sinead has “always” used Absorbine® products and particularly loves ShowSheen® and Magic Cushion®.

We are so excited and honored to have a talented rider and horsewoman like Sinead on our team! We are happy to hear that our products have supported Sinead’s horses in the past and look forward to many more years of working together!

Absorbine®: How did you first learn about Absorbine®? How long have you been using our products?

Sinead: I think I can remember being 13-years-old and using Absorbine®! It was just one of those things that was always in the barn. ShowSheen® and UltraShield® fly spray are just in everyone’s barn. It’s like with horses. I can’t remember the exact moment when I said, “I’m going to ride horses”. I can’t remember the first time I was aware of the Absorbine® product line, I’ve just always been aware of it. It has been pretty cool recently to get to know you all better and realizing that it is a family run company and how strong and stable that foundation is. I think it is such a cool pairing considering the transition that Tik and I are making, which is doing exactly the same thing, trying to make our company and our lives sustainable. So to pair up with a company that has proven such sustainability in a market that is so crazy with the next best thing every five seconds and still Absorbine® is the strongest, best brand out there.

Eventer Sinead Halpin: Member of Team Absorbine

Absorbine®: How do Absorbine® products help you keep your horses comfortable and ready to ride and compete?

Sinead: We have our everyday products that we use, which are UltraShield® fly spray and ShowSheen®. ShowSheen® we use for everything: before we clip the horses so that their coat is nice and ease to clip, to using it as a tail detangler, to green-spot removing. We have a lot of sales horses in the barn, so our horses are always well turned out. I had a client fly down today to look at a couple of horses and she said to me after looking at the third horse, “gosh your girls just turn your horses out so well”. It’s because we have great products that it makes it pretty easy and efficient to do. Those are everyday products that we use on every horse in the barn. Then there are products like Magic Cushion® that I have used forever for our top horses. Tate, for example, pretty much lived in Magic Cushion®. When we are galloping and traveling throughout the season, going from Florida where there’s sand, to North Caroline where there’s red clay to Kentucky blue grass, reducing concussion is so important, especially for a horse like Tate who doesn’t run with pads. When a horse is galloping twice a week for fitness and going on 45 minute trot sets, Magic Cushion® is so great because it’s so easy to apply and leave overnight and it pulls all of the inflammation and soreness out of their feet. With Tate, if his feet were sore, his ankles were sore. That’s why preventatives like Magic Cushion® and Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment are so important. If you can get ahead of most injuries and long term traumatic stress, it’s so much better in the long run. These horses are top athletes and may ultimately end up needing steroid injections or other treatments, but the more you use those treatments, the more degenerative it is, so getting ahead of the game and putting off the need for more invasive treatment will keep the horses lasting longer. Tate did six four stars and I don’t know how many three stars and has flown and competed all over the world and barely missed a season, and I do think that products like Magic Cushion® help support that and are part of keeping a top three-day-event horse sound. That’s more than half the battle. If you don’t show up sound, you can’t even play.

Eventer Sinead Halpin: Member of Team Absorbine with horse and partner

Absorbine®: Any final thoughts?

Sinead: I am really excited about the partnership. I think Absorbine® stands for what our business is aspiring to emulate. We want to be a brand that people respect and that sticks around for one-hundred twenty-five years. I’m excited to be a part of your team and will proudly support and represent Absorbine®

Sinead Halpin using ShowSheen and UltraShield.

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