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Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner

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Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner - Absorbine

The Hooflex® Healthy Hooves contestants have been improving their horses’ hooves all summer. These horse owners identified problem feet, and instead of hoping the problems would go away, they decided to work to improve them with a comprehensive strategy. In addition to the initial photos that were submitted, they’ve sent us pictures at three weeks, and now at the end of six weeks. All of the horses showed great progress towards healthy hooves, and we are so happy for the horses and their owners! As always, it was tough to choose just one winner, but we finally decided.

Michele Ricksgers, you and your horse Penny are the winners! You will receive an Absorbine® Gift Basket worth over $500. Your horse’s hooves look great – your hard work has paid off. Congratulations!

As you can see, Penny has had several bouts of laminitis. This of course makes her hoof care all the more important and critical. Penny’s farrier made serious strides towards healthy hooves as you can see in the after photos.


Penny Before

Penny After


Here are the other four entries. Congratulations to them too – all showed significant improvement!

Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner

Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner

Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner

Hooflex Healthy Hooves Contest Winner

So how did these owners and their horses get these results? As we all know, it starts with health and nutrition. The overall health of the horse is usually reflected in its hooves. Conversely, healthy balanced feet allow the horse’s mechanical parts, like joints and muscles, to operate at their best. Your veterinarian can advise you on what your horse needs nutritionally and in other areas. Working on an overall healthcare strategy with your veterinarian is crucial.

Next, regular, professional farrier visits are key. Even with the best nutrition, the way you use your horse, his living environment, physical conformation and other factors make every individual hoof a unique case. There is no one solution for all feet. Michele’s farrier did an amazing job with Penny’s feet. He deserves a lot of credit, so we’ve decided he gets prizes too. We’re sending him some Hooflex Ointment and Hooflex Magic Cushion hoof packing.

After these first steps are covered, you can also help by using our Hooflex products to help your horses put their best foot forward, as it were. Here is Hooflex’s line of hoof care products:

Hooflex+ Pelleted Hoof Supplement helps provide the proper amount of pure biotin, methionine and other nutrients crucial for healthy hooves. Stabilized rice bran provides a nutrient-rich absorption catalyst that aids in the digestion and performance of biotin micro-nutrients.

Hooflex Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment is a classic, proven way to maintain moisture balance in the hoof, and also comes in a brush-on liquid version. If you like to keep it natural, we offer our popular Hooflex Natural with Arnica and Tea Tree oil.

Hooflex Thrush Remedy is an effective solution for thrush and white line disease, but it differs from the competition. Our thrush remedy is clear, so it’s non-staining. It’s formulated to not sting tender, thrushy hooves. Most importantly, it helps promote healthy tissue growth, unlike some other products whose ingredients kill live tissue along with the thrush bacteria.

Hooflex Magic Cushion Hoof Packing is our newest addition and we are very excited about it! Farriers and veterinarians often recommend this sticky, putty-like substance to pack into the sole and frog of the hoof to help reduce pain and swelling. Hooflex Magic Cushion relieves symptoms associated with hoof concussion and trauma, combats infections and helps treat abscesses. Learn how to use Magic Cushion and more in the Absorbine Learning Center!



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