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Sun Protection From Santa Fe

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Sun Protection From Santa Fe - Absorbine

Faded, “bleached-out” coats, manes and tails are a perpetual problem for horse owners. There are many ways to combat the damaging effects of the sun’s rays on horses’ skins and coats, ranging from physical barriers such as UV-protectant fly sheets, to turning horses out at night instead of during the day. As with many other horse care topics, Absorbine® suggests a comprehensive sun protection plan.

A coat conditioner with SPF (sun protection factor) properties can also be used to help minimize sun exposure effects. At Absorbine, we recommend Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen, which is rated SPF 8. Regular application of Santa Fe can help protect your horse from the sun’s rays while also providing a healthy dose of Vitamin E and silk proteins that penetrate the hair and help prevent drying. Santa Fe also helps repel the dirt and dust that tend to accumulate on your horse’s coat. Best of all, the product has a delightful scent that makes it pleasing to apply.

Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen

The sun isn’t the only cause of dry, faded coats. Dull hair can also be indicative of health problems, such as worms, mineral deficiencies, metabolic imbalance, or larger issues like kidney inefficiencies, so the first step is to explore and eliminate these potential causes before dealing with the symptom – the lackluster coat.

As an added bonus, Santa Fe can be used on the coat under the saddle area without worrying about slipping. Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen is a great addition to any grooming box and will help you keep your horse’s coat in top condition.

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