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Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion
Horses can develop sore hooves. It’s not uncommon for a horse to weigh more than 1,000 pounds and all of that weight is focused on their hooves. Couple that with the weight of a rider on rocky, uneven terrain and it’s understandable that horses can sometimes develop sore hooves. Additionally, hoof concussion caused by activities such as jumping or repeated impact on hard surfaces can cause soreness and bruising in the hoof or for just after shoes are removed. You'll want to treat sore hooves and bruising with a medicated hoof packing. Even better if it uses only simple, natural ingredients. 

What is it?

Magic Cushion contains pine rosin, turpentine, natural leather fiber and iodine to reduce the temperature in a horse’s overheated hoof.* The sticky material is packed into the sole of a horse’s shod or bare hoof. As this product video explains, the application of Magic Cushion to the sole and frog of the hoof helps relieve symptoms associated with hoof concussion and trauma.* It calms inflammation and soreness throughout the sole and frog.

Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion

From thermo-imaging study conducted September 2012

Magic Cushion significantly reduces the temperature of a horse’s hoof. Cooling begins as quickly as an hour after application and continues to cool for up to 24 hours after it is applied. This proven efficacy earns Magic Cushion the trust of top farriers.

Application of Magic Cushion is fast and easy if you’re prepared. Did we mention just how sticky it is? 

You'll Need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Magic Cushion 
If Wrapping:
  • Scissors
  • Vet wrap
  • Impermeable layer (plastic-lined feed bag or plastic wrap)
  • Duct tape (optional)
  • Gauze (optional)

A diaper can be used, but never with the absorbent side towards the Magic Cushion. That will only soak the medicine into the diaper and away from the frog and sole. 

You’ll want to avoid the sensitive skin of the pastern when you apply the packing material. Using just enough ensures a tidy treatment. An unwrapped, shod hoof will maintain the packing material for up to 48 hours until it wears away. For longer lasting relief, wrap the hoof. Your farrier can pack Magic Cushion under shoe pads and leave it in place for an entire shoeing cycle. They love how the frog and sole look when when they work on them. 

Packing a Hoof:
  • Clean your horse’s hoof dry with the pick and stiff brush
  • Magic Cushion is very sticky, always wear rubber gloves and only use just enough to avoid a mess
  • Roll approximately a golf ball size ball depending on hoof size 
  • Pack/spread it over both the frog and sole of the hoof to a depth of ½ inch
    Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion
    Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion

    Light Effect, Shod:

    • If the horse is shod, put the horse’s foot down in shavings or dirt to coat the packing and your job is done
    • Effect for 12 hours
    • Wears off hoof in 12-48 hours

    Strong Effect Shod or Unshod:

    • Cut piece of impermeable layer to cover sole
    • Pack hoof as above
    • Place impermeable layer over the packing
    • Wrap with layers of gauze if very sore (optional)
    • Wrap with vet wrap
    • Wrap with duct tape for durability (optional)
    • Effect for up to 24 hours
    • Clean out and repeat with fresh packing as needed 

    Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion

    Finished wrap job with and without duct tape layer


    Magic Cushion is a unique formula that contains both rosin and turpentine which use different solvents. If you accidentally get sticky Magic Cushion on your horse's skin and coat or other surfaces you'll want to clean it up quickly. Mineral oil is helpful in removing big pieces. Follow up with Absorbine Veterinary Liniment and a cloth to remove more. Then wash the area with dish soap. Repeat if necessary. 

    Hooflex® Magic Cushion® and Magic Cushion® Xtreme, which uses a higher concentration of ingredients, are both available at your local tack dealer or farm store, and are both "Show Safe."

    Treat Your Horse's Sore Hooves With Magic Cushion Show Safe

    *Thermo-imaging study conducted in September 2012

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    • Animal Care Team on

      Hi Jenn, there is no specific product to remove it perfectly. You are doing the right thing with the mineral oil. Use mineral oil to soften and remove as much of the large chunks as you can. If you have Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, that can work to remove the rest. Thank you, Team Absorbine

    • Animal Care Team on

      Hi Rachael, wrapping the hoof is the most effective way to use it in cases where you want to extend the effect. Make sure whatever touches the product in the wrap is no absorbent – you don’t want the liquid soaking into the bandage). If you want to use it without wrapping and it is not sticking to the hoof, usually the issue we see is that the horse is either not shod (the horseshoe helps hold it in) or the sole of the hoof was not completely dry before applying the product. One other possibility is that too much was used causing it to “squirt out” but if the hoof was dry, not all of it would come off.

    • Animal Care Team on

      Hey Jodi, It depends on how dry it is. It should not be dry when using it as the liquids are important. Please contact us directly so we can help – 800-628-9653 or

    • Animal Care Team on

      Hi Kellsey, farriers love to use Magic Cushion under leather pads. It can be left for the entire shoeing cycle. We’d recommend finding just the right amount which depends on the horse’s hoof. Start with a golf ball-sized amount. Using too much will result in the product squirting out from under the pad. Apply the product in an even layer directly to a clean dry hoof sole. Then add the shoeing package, leather pad etc. over it.

    • Rachael Handy on

      The product doesn’t stay in The horses hoof without wrapping up like a poultice

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