website Using UltraShield® EX Fly Spray On Premises

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Using UltraShield® EX Fly Spray On Premises

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Patio deck with UltraShield EX bottle

Tell insects to buzz off your property in a way they can’t ignore with Ultra Shield EX Insecticide and Repellent. Take back your patio from buzzing, biting pests by using this powerful spray to protect your oasis from pesky bugs.

For horses, dogs—and you!

While you may already use UltraShield® EX to protect your horses and dogs from over 70 species of biting insects, you may not have realized its bug-busting potential for yourself when you use it as a premise spray around your outdoor areas. Used strategically, it stops flies, mosquitos, ants and ticks from joining your barbecue, interrupting your critical hammock time and entering your home, tent (or guacamole bowl).

How to create a bug-free zone (with one hand!)

Simply spray UltraShield® EX around the outdoor area you wish to enjoy, like a deck or porch. It’s like throwing up a neon “Keep Out!” sign for bugs. Spray it around the entries to your house or tent to prevent insects from entering. Use it around your campsite so you can enjoy the great outdoors without the great aggravation of insects (be sure to cover all food and drinks while spraying). It’s made to use on dogs and horses also, so you don’t need to worry about your pup walking through it like you do with other premise sprays.

Prevent bugs from spoiling the joys of outdoor relaxation with a powerful premise spray: UltraShield® EX.

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