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What's the Big Deal with BOV's?

Posted by Animal Care Team on
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Here at Absorbine®, we offer a variety of our products in continuous spray BOV bottles. UltraShield® EX, UltraShield® Sport, ShowSheen® Hair Polish, Hooflex® Natural and our Horseman’s One Step® Leather Cleaner & Conditioner all come in this option.


So what’s the big deal with BOV’s? ‘B.O.V.’ stands for bag-on-valve, which is an alternative technology to aerosol sprays, and if you have ever used a “mist” type sunscreen, you have likely used one.

For horse owners – and their horses – BOVs have a variety of benefits.

  1. BOVs spray upside down – making it easy to apply product to hard to reach areas. In fact, BOVs spray from any angle you hold them at—with 360o spray capability.
  2. BOVs dispense product quietly – for horses who spook easily, BOVs provide a quiet alternative to traditional trigger sprays. Many customers refer to our ShowSheen Hair Polish BOV, which is officially called ShowSheen Finishing Mist, as “the quiet ShowSheen.”
  3. BOV bottles provide a continuous spray of product for uniform coverage – which can be especially important when grooming. They dispense product evenly over coats, so you won’t end up with any blotches or wet spots. Plus, the even coverage means extra fast drying time.

You can find our continuous spray bottles at your local tack shop, and many online retailers. And, you can always save on our products with our downloadable coupons.

Have you tried BOVs for any of your equine products? If so, let us know what you think in the comments section or on our Facebook page!

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