Fun(ny) Horse Photos

For our recent Absorbine FaceBook contests, we asked people to send in photos of their horses that were were funny, pretty, sentimental or otherwise special. Twenty five winners receive a special Zenyatta edition of the Thoroughbred Times, all about the legendary mare. We also packed in some Absorbine goodies for good measure.

Many many photos were posted and they were indeed funny, pretty, sentimental and otherwise special. So in the interest of entertainment, I’ve pulled the ones that I think are in the  ‘funny’ category and re-posted them here. I’ll keep adding them as we get them in. Dear horses: you keep us laughing with your quirky personalities and attention-grabbing antics. We know you do it on purpose, and that makes it even better!

Caption excerpts taken from Facebook photo descriptions:

“So I finally got it in there…now what?” Sent in by Lauren

Gizmo loves to grab Chipper’s halter and lead him around the lot

Sent in by Amanda

My girl Chili, checking out the golf cart. Sent in by Wendy

my Morab gelding “Dancing With Angels”. He is always acting kind of crazy. 🙂 Sent in by Amanda

“What did you put on my nose. Get it OFF, it’s freaking me out” Sent in by Valerie

copenhagen and wyatt earpe amusing themselves. Sent in by Jane

Copper. Sent in by Judy

My crazy Thoroughbred, Lucky! Sent in by Kellie

Verbie aka Alfalfa Face let’s me know when he’s done eating by throwing his bucket at me! Sent in by Kristen

Sent in by Mary

1200 pound horse vs. 1 pound kitten Sent in by Megan

This is my girl being her silly self. Sent in by Paige

…yeah that’s me, I’m Cinder Fella…Sent in by Rebecca

Chippa Sent in by Shea

It is a horse or a giraffe? Sent in by Valerie

This mini was my horse’s boyfriend at an old barn. Sent in by Laura

Not the most anatomically correct, but here’s a picture of the three of us as Halloween skeletons! Sent in by Laura

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  1. Tony Rons says:

    Ha, these are fantastic!

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