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Where was your farrier last week?

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Absorbine Farriers

At the 15th Annual International Hoof Care Summit!

If your horse came up with a loose shoe last week, chances are you had a little trouble finding a farrier to fix it. The world’s farriers had flocked to the 15th Annual International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s the largest equine foot-care event and tradeshow in the world!

The theme of this year’s Summit was “Sound Strategies for Better Hoof Care”, which offered farriers of all levels the chance to hone their skills and gain knowledge through clinics, presentations, round table discussions, and networking events. Whether it was the latest in cutting-edge foot care research or the most practical advice from leading hoof care experts, it was all available at the Summit.

Not only was this event a great educational opportunity for these farriers, but it was also a little “vacation” from shoeing horses. They get to fully immerse in their passion, catch up with old friends and make new ones, plus do some shopping for a whole week – time for a new anvil!

We got to experience the International Hoof Care Summit first hand from the Absorbine® Booth over at the trade show, and met friendly farriers from all walks of life, from all over the world. Our Hooflex® products have been a top choice of farriers for over 70 years, but there is one product in particular that really resonates with this crowd: Magic Cushion®.

Absorbine Farriers

We loved hearing about how Magic Cushion® was helping farriers keep horses comfortable, making their jobs easier in all sorts of ways. They were eager to tell us how they were using it:

What Farriers Said About Magic Cushion

“Magic Cushion® makes me a hero! I’ll take a horse that comes up foot sore, pack him with Magic Cushion, and he’ll be winning ribbons in the show ring the next day.”

– Don Shepherd, South Windsor, CT

“I use Magic Cushion® with any kind of horse, and with any kind of foot soreness. It’s great for addressing any softness in the sole, and I’ll even use it sometimes when there’s abscessing in the sole, to help pull it out. I use it all the time and recommend it to all my clients and they all keep big buckets of it in their barns. It’s one of my favorite products.”

– Simon P., Newmarket, ON

“I like to use Magic Cushion® under leather pads during a shoeing cycle, and when I come back I’ve got a really nice foot under there, even with our wet dewy ground. I also have clients with miniature horses and ponies, and if they start to get a little sore they’ll pack with Magic Cushion® as a preventative and the feet always look great underneath it. I’ll use it if I’ve taken on a horse that’s a little stingy in the foot, and they seem to really respond well to it.”

– Kary Hoyers, Bay City, WI

“I’ve honestly been using Magic Cushion® since it came out. I recommend it to clients for bruising and soreness issues, and I personally use it every day under pads in to target areas I’m worried about that need relief from inflammation. I really like it, and it’s always in my truck. I direct my clients to use it and we’ve had great luck using it over a couple days to relieve foot soreness, pull out heat, and keep the horses comfortable.”

– Gary Stern, Cedar Grove, IN

“I use Magic Cushion® all the time. I’ll use it under leather pads, and I find the feet are extremely healthy four to six weeks after. The horses always have tons of sole and healthy hooves, and they all seem to be very comfortable wearing it.”

– Ken Galbraith, Sherwood Park, AB

“I mostly use Magic Cushion® if the horses have thin soles, or if they’re bruising and have soreness. It always seems to help a lot. Usually I’ll see results after using it for a couple of days, and I always recommend my customers use it. If I don’t put it underneath the pad myself, I tell them to pack it into the feet once a day and it seems to help a lot.”

– Aidan Weaver, Middlefield, OH


Absorbine Farriers

We were blown away by the excitement around Magic Cushion®! We’ll bet your farrier is using it too. Be sure to ask them about how it can help bring your horse relief, and if he enjoyed the chili in Cincinnati. They probably picked up a few good tips at the International Hoof Care Summit!

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