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6 Grooming Tips From Julie Goodnight

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6 Grooming Tips From Julie Goodnight - Absorbine

Julie Goodnight, professional horse trainer since 1985 and long-time ShowSheen® user, has her grooming routine down to a science. A fan of ShowSheen® since it was launched in 1974, Julie is still a faithful ShowSheen user and offers these tips for the ultimate in shine, whether you’re headed to the show ring or simply want your horse to look its best.

  1. Start with a thorough bath using shampoo made for horses. A horse’s skin is four time more sensitive that a human’s, so choosing a product that is pH balanced for a horse’s sensitive skin is important.
  2. Add a conditioner to your coat care routine. Use a product that both cleans and conditions to save time and money.
  3. Use a detangling product on both manes and tails to save time while grooming and help protect the hair. Spray washed tail and mane while still wet and gently comb through with fingers.
  4. To make your horse’s coat, mane and tail stay clean longer, spray with a product like ShowSheen® that helps repel dust.
  5. After the tail is dry, gently braid and put up in a tailbag to prevent breakage and keep the tail from getting tangled.
  6. Avoid using shine-enhancing sprays in the saddle area, as they can be slippery.

Although she doesn’t show anymore, Goodnight says ShowSheen® is still a part of her everyday horse care protocol. “I no longer attend horse shows every weekend, but I still want my horses to look great. I want long, thick manes, full tails and a coat with a radiant shine and bright dapples. ShowSheen® is a grooming product that has withstood the test of time,” she says.

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