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Absorbine Spotlight - Chloe Litton

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Absorbine Spotlight - Chloe Litton - Absorbine

You love your horse, and we love that! Every month we’ll be asking one of our friends from social media to showcase their horses and share a few words in our Absorbine Spotlight!



Girl on a horse

This month we’re spotlighting Chloe Litton and Caleb, her 14 year old Thoroughbred gelding that she’s had for 2 years.


Absorbine: What do you do with your horse?


Chloe: We do dressage and love trail rides! We also enjoy ponying his yearling friend around.


Absorbine: What Absorbine products do you like, and why did you start using them?


Chloe: I use Santa Fe conditioner, Hooflex hoof treatment, and the Botanicals foaming liniment. The Santa Fe keeps his mane, tail and coat soft and shiny! It also smells awesome. Caleb is an off track thoroughbred and his feet aren’t in the best of shape so along with regular farrier visits I keep Hooflex on his hooves to maintain them. The liniment is great for messaging his back and shoulders after hard workouts.


Absorbine:  Any fun horse care tips you’d like to share?


Chloe: Putting a good mist of show sheen on their whole body/mane & tail once a week keeps them shiny and tangle free, it also helps minimize grooming time!


Absorbine: What’s the funniest thing non-horse people ask you about horses?

S: I can’t really think of certain questions, but I’ve heard quite a few statements that are funny! 1) “I wonder how that farrier would like it if someone nailed a steaming hot shoe on their foot! That horse doesn’t act very happy about it. It probably hurts!” 2) “I don’t think he likes me very much. Look how he’s looking at me!”


Absorbine: What do you love most about your horse?


Chloe: His personality. He is truly the funniest horse I’ve ever met, he’s fiery, and he’s so smart! He’s the comedian of the barn, but if I’m having a bad day he automatically turns into my big sweet boy and takes care of me. He’s just so precious.


Absorbine:  Thanks for sharing Caleb with us Chloe, he sounds pretty special!

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