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Absorbine Spotlight - Tammy Kettlehut

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Tammy Kettlehut and Sam Absorbine Blog

You love your horse, and we love that! Every month we’ll be asking one of our friends to showcase their horses and horsey life in the Absorbine Spotlight!

We’d like you to meet Tammy Kettlehut and her 20 y.o. American Paint Horse & Registered Pinto “Sam Adams.”

Tammy and Sam
Tammy and Sam

Absorbine: What do you do with your horse?

Tammy: Sam was a show horse most of his life. My daughter and I have shown him in Pinto shows all over the Midwest, and had a lot of success and a lot of fun together. He was in the Top 5 at the Pinto Congress, and Top 10 at the Pinto World Show. He has points and awards in Halter, Showmanship, Hunt Seat, Saddleseat, Western, Reining, Disp. Rail, Trail, Hunter Hack, Show Hack, Dressage, Driving, Poles, Barrels and other events. He’s currently semi-retired, recovering from a bout of laminitis brought on by his newly acquired insulin resistance. He’s recovering well, and we look forward to trying some competitive driving events.

Absorbine:  Any fun horse care tips you’d like to share?

Tammy: The first product I can remember using is ShowSheen. The first thing I learned about ShowSheen is not to apply it to the saddle area if you will be showing in a bareback class! That was a near-miss on my part many years ago. With those really high, white stockings, ShowSheen applied on the white after washing helps to keep his legs clean when showing. A quick spray with water in-between washes and they’re sparkling white again. The ShowSheen prevents manure and urine from staining.

Absorbine:  What Absorbine products do you like, and why did you start using them?


Tammy: As the owner of a Paint horse with four tall white stockings, the Stain Remover & Whitener has been a blessing. It really gets the yellow out and makes them sparkling white. I can’t be without my ShowSheen. It’s a must for keeping the white markings white, and prevents manure stains. I really like the UltraShield Red and Green fly sprays. I alternate depending on what works best on a given day. Hooflex is another I’ve used for years. It keeps a pliable hoof without making it too soft. Sam is a regular user of Flex-Max to keep him comfortable with his arthritis. He has very little arthritic changes for a horse his age, and I believe the regular joint supplementation over the years have been a contributing factor in that. Leather Therapy works wonders on washing dirty show chaps and it works well on wool saddle pads with wear leathers too.

Absorbine:  What’s the funniest thing non-horse people ask you about horses?


Tammy: My horse has one blue eye. I constantly get asked if he can see out of that eye! I always enjoy when a blue-eyed person asks me that, because I ask them if they can see out of THEIR blue eyes! I do explain that it’s not uncommon for the Paint and Pinto breeds to have one, both or even partial blue eyes and that it’s just the iris color and it has no effect on their vision. I’ve also had people stop at my house and ask why I have “blinders” on my horse in the pasture. I explain that it’s a UltraShield EX Fly Mask, and when I clip the protective hair out of his ears for show, I feel obligated to protect him from biting flies. And yes, he can see out of the mesh as easily as I can see out of my screen windows.

Absorbine:  What do you love the most about your horse?


Tammy: I love his personality. Sam is not the best show horse in the world. He has his own opinion about how to do things, and he lets it be known what he likes, and what he doesn’t like. He is easily bored, and likes to try new things. So does my daughter – so that’s why the long list of classes. Sam is a very affectionate horse, never rude or pushy. He loves treats, and asks very nicely for them. He likes being with people.

Absorbine:  Thanks for telling us about Sam, he sounds like a really special guy!

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