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Absorbine Spotlight - Margo Chapdelaine

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Margo Absorbine Spotlight with draft horses

You love your horse, and we love that! Every month we’ll be asking one of our friends from social media to showcase their horses and share a few words in our Absorbine Spotlight!

Absorbine Spotlight MC

This month we’re spotlighting Margo Chapdelaine and her 10 y.o. dutch warmblood – Bella.

Absorbine: What do you like to do with Bella?

Margo: We’re currently training to show in the jumpers.

Absorbine: What would you like to share about horse care?

MargoSince Bella doesn’t love blankets, I like using Showsheen to reduce static frizz underneath them. It’s a simple solution for a happier horse.

Absorbine: What Absorbine products do you like, and why did you start using them?

Margo: One of my tack box necessities is Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler. I began using it when I started showing and now it’s my favorite product to tackle Bella’s thick tail. Some other things you won’t find me without are Santa Fe and Veterinary Liniment Gel. Santa Fe helps make my everyday grooming a breeze, with the SPF bonus and Liniment Gel is always a nice reward for Bella after a hard workout or show day.

Absorbine: What’s the funniest thing non-horse people ask you about horses?

Margo: Every time summer comes around everyone asks the same thing, “What’s that thing on the horses face? Can they see with it on?” I don’t think I’ve met a non-horse person that understands a fly mask.

Absorbine: What do you love most about your horse?

Margo: I love her sassy attitude, it always keeps me on my toes.

Thanks for telling us a little about your life with horses in the Absorbine Spotlight Margo!

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