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Better Bathing Tips

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Better Bathing Tips

Absorbine just finished up a new video with Molly our in-house grooming expert called “Better Bathing Tips”. Here we demonstrate bathing a horse in a wash stall and offer tips that a novice horse owner can find useful.

It was a sunny May day when we headed to the barn where Folly, 27-year-old mare, is enjoying her retirement from being a show horse. She got a full body clip beforehand, mostly to escape the summer heat but also to keep her looking her prettiest. Then her a bath with ShowSheen 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, applied ShowSheen Finishing Mist, and let her dry off in the sun while munching on a little grass. This mare has the life!

The best part was that while we were demonstrating all of these safety tips for washing a horse, making sure that they behave and don’t spook, Folly hardly batted an ear! Word on the street is Folly really loves to be pampered and a spa day is her favorite thing in the world (aside from food). This of course is not the case with every horse, but it’s awfully convenient when you need to demonstrate bathing tips!

Well, a spa day is just what Folly got and we hope you enjoy this short video with bathing tips from Absorbine, even if you’re already a grooming expert!




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