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Horses Need Help In Texas

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The wildfires raging in Texas have destroyed many homes and farms around the city of Bastrop, TX which has been one of the areas worst affected. Many of the horses and cattle that lived there had to be released as the fire approached. They are being rounded up and cared for by hard working volunteers. Read why horses need help in Texas!

Texas Wildfires Rescuing Horses Absorbine Blog

Here is what Jessica, a member of the Absorbine® sales force, wrote about the situation:

“As most of you know, Central Texas has been ravaged by wild fires for the last two weeks due to extremely dry conditions caused by the most severe drought we’ve seen in years. The largest fire is still burning, but thankfully they now have it 50% contained. Hundreds have been left homeless and are still not able to enter the city of Bastrop, where fires caused the most damage. In addition to homes, many barns were lost and hundreds of horses and cattle were displaced. Some people didn’t have much time to evacuate and were forced to open their gates, let their horses run and hope they would be able to find them later.

Texas Wildfires Rescuing Horses Absorbine Blog Donkeys

Many of these animals have been rounded up and collected in arenas where they are being cared for. They will stay there until their owners can come back and claim them, or until they can reestablish homes elsewhere. The crew taking care of these horses has been working every day in 100+ degree heat setting up makeshift pens, hand walking injured horses and doing their best to make sure they have enough hay, feed and water for them. They are so happy to receive even the smallest bit of help.”

Texas Wildfires Rescuing Horses Absorbine Blog


Texas Wildfires Rescuing Horses Absorbine Blog


Jessica organized some products from Absorbine to help the animals be more comfortable while they wait for their owners, but they are still in dire need.
Anyone who would like to help or donate to the operation should contact Becky S., who is working at one of the largest evacuation arenas (512) 576-7199. She can help anyone willing to make a contribution or donation.

Here are some other good resources for people looking for their animals or further information:

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