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Hooflex ® Healthy Hooves Contest

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Hooflex ® Healthy Hooves Contest - Absorbine

Hooflex® Healthy Hooves – now say THAT five times fast! When I tried, it didn’t work out so well. But tricky tongue twisters are not why I write you, my fair readers. It’s contest time! What sort of contest you ask? It’s a sort of “give and take” arrangement. Here’s how it works:

You email in one or more pictures of your horse’s deserving feet, showing us brittle hooves, thrush-afflicted hooves, cracking or other common hoof issues. Not hooves in serious trouble that require your farrier, your vet and the mayor to come out to your barn at an odd hour. No, common problems that a jar of bacteria-killing, moisture barrier-creating product like ours can help with.

We, a panel of judges, pick five people whose horses look like they could use some Hooflex®.

You (the five semi-finalists) choose two Hooflex® products and let us know.

We send the two free Hooflex® products to the five semi-finalists.

You use said products on said horse’s hooves, plus continue to do the things that are crucial to keeping your horse’s hooves healthy. You know, feeding a proper diet, regular farrier visits, regular cleaning of the hooves with the good old hoof pick, keeping dry footing – stuff like that.

We sit back and wait.

You take a picture of the hooves after three weeks of using Hooflex® products and email them to us.

We wait some more.

You send in more pictures of the hooves at six weeks.

We snap to attention and choose one grand prize winner to get one huge Absorbine® gift basket worth over $500!

You (the one and only grand prize winner) check your front stoop for an enormous gift basket from your pals at Absorbine®!

The entry period is from June 6th to June 27th, 2012. The contest wraps up on August 22nd, 2012.

Remember, this contest requires you to email pictures three times if you are one of the five semi-finalists. Also, we’re looking for nice clear pictures. They don’t have to be professional or anything, but the camera on a really old cell phone may not work so well. See the official rules for picture sizing guidelines.

Click here for instructions and rules!

Good Luck!



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