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Supplement Before the Stiffness Starts: Exploring Bute-Less® and Flex+Max®

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Supplement Before the Stiffness Starts: Exploring Bute-Less® and Flex+Max®

As a devoted horse owner, you know how crucial it is to keep your equine companion healthy and happy, no matter what age they are. When it comes to managing joint health and muscle discomfort, you don’t need to wait until your horse is showing signs to start feeding supplements – any horse at any age and activity level can benefit from preventative maintenance.

Absorbine® offers two different supplement brands targeting muscle and joint care: Bute-Less® and Flex+Max®.

In this blog, let’s dive into the key differences between these two supplements so that you can make an informed decision based on your horse’s specific needs. Not just that, but we’ll also chat about whether it’s possible to give Bute-Less® and Flex+Max® together for a power-packed combo!

Bute-Less supplements on a table

Understanding Bute-Less

Let’s start with Bute-Less®, the natural alternative to phenylbutazone (bute), a commonly used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for horses. There are two versions – the original, and a secondary advanced formula, Bute-Less® Performance. Here’s what makes our Bute-Less® supplements special:

  • Natural Ingredients: The Bute-Less® formulas are made with natural ingredients like devil’s claw, yucca, turmeric, curcumin and Boswellia, which have been trusted for years to support joint health and help ease discomfort in horses.
  • Helps Support a Natural Inflammatory Response: Both the original and Performance formulas promote a balanced inflammatory response, making it a great choice to manage occasional stiffness, soreness, and discomfort, while being gentle on the stomach.
  • Long-Term Use: Bute-Less® is designed to be given daily, so you can use it as a long-term supplement to support your horse’s joint health and mobility, unlike NSAIDs which are not advised to be given long-term. However, it’s important to note that the original Bute-Less® is not show-safe at USEF and FEI licensed competition due to its inclusion of devil’s claw. If you need an alternative that is show-safe, Bute-Less® Performance substitutes devil’s claw for other ingredients such as Longvida® optimized curcumin and Boswellia.


close-up of a bucket of Bute-Less Recovery Supplement for horses 

Exploring Flex+Max

Now let’s move on to Flex+Max®, our comprehensive equine joint supplement that goes above and beyond. Check out its impressive features:

  • Multi-Action Formula: Flex+Max® combines glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to create a joint support dream team. This powerful blend helps to promote cartilage development and joint health.
  • High-Level Performance: No matter if your horse is into serious competitions or happily retired in the field, Flex+Max® is your go-to. Your horse’s joints are subject to damaging stress every single day, and supporting healthy function is critical to avoiding issues down the road.
  • Comprehensive Support: Flex+Max® not only benefits joints, but like Bute-Less Performance®, also contains Boswellia to help decrease normal inflammatory pathways.
  • Tastes Great and Easy to Feed: Flaxseed and rice bran make it super-palatable, so you won’t be wasting money on a supplement your horse refuses to eat. Flex+Max® and Bute-Less® are both available in pelleted format for convenient administration.

Illustration of the inside of a horse joint with parts labeled 

Can I Give Bute-Less and Flex+Max at the same time?

Here’s the exciting news: you can administer either Bute-Less® formula and Flex+Max® together to create an ultimate muscle and joint health combo! By combining these supplements, you’ll give your horse a comprehensive approach to help manage discomfort and promote joint health.

When giving both supplements simultaneously, remember to follow the recommended instructions on the back of the package. If you have any concerns or questions about using these products together, it’s always a great idea to chat with your veterinarian. They’ll provide personalized advice and ensure your horse’s well-being.

 Scooping Flex+Max joint supplement for horses

Wrapping it up

When choosing these types of supplements for your horse, it’s important to consider their muscle & joint health needs and activity level.

For their core purpose, Bute-Less® offers a natural solution to a balanced inflammatory response and helps ease aches and discomfort associated with aging and exercise, while Flex+Max® focuses on promoting joint health and mobility – but giving them together can knock out both areas of concern and give your horse a fighting shot at feeling their best selves.

With the right supplement regimen, you’ll help your horse maintain optimal joint health and enjoy a long, happy, active life together.

Questions? Check out more supplement articles here or reach out to Absorbine® Customer Care anytime. We love hearing from you!

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