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How Leather Therapy® Products Work Together

How Leather Therapy® Products Work Together

Whether you are cleaning up a pair of well-worn boots, cleaning and conditioning the hand-stitched interior of your luxury vehicle, caring for your custom saddles & tack, or cleaning leather apparel in the washing machine, the Leather Therapy® leather care products work together for outstanding results worthy of the W.F. Young legacy.

Below, we detail how these leather care products work together for outstanding results, every time.

For Shoes, Car Interiors, Saddles, Tack & Other Formed Leather Items

Step 1 – clean with Leather Therapy Wash

Start your job by cleaning the leather item with Leather Therapy® Wash – a gentle, clear, oil-free spray. Wash deep cleans from the inside out using micro-suds to lift dirt and grime from leather’s inner fibers, preventing deterioration and cracking— all without leaving surface residue. Leather Therapy® Wash is ideal for all natural leather, synthetic leather, and suede. Best applied with a damp sponge or cloth, can be used regularly to maintain premium condition.

Step 2 – Condition with Restorer & Conditioner

After cleaning the leather, the next step is to use Leather Therapy® Restorer & Conditioner. This product helps maintain the durability and extend the life of leather by penetrating to lift embedded oils and soaps to the surface while replenishing moisturizers to leather’s inner fibers—which also restores its supple feel and rich color. Plus, regular maintenance with this leather conditioner will inhibit mold and mildew.

Step 3 – Protect with Water Repellent

If you’ll be using your leather in wet conditions, an optional next step is to protect your investment with our unique Leather Therapy® Water Repellent. It protects leather, suede, and nubuck from the inside out without silicone, waxes, or oils.

Step 4 – Add a protective and beautiful finish coat

Once you’ve done steps 1, 2 and optionally 3, the last option is to protect and shine leather with a professional formula that not only protects your investment, but also adds a handsome, lustrous shine – Leather Therapy® Finish.


To Clean & Condition Leather In The Washing Machine

If you have leather apparel items like leather coats, chaps, sheep-skin items or even items with leather patches like full-seat breeches, you can wash them in your high-efficiency or standard washing machines.

Step 1 – add Leather Laundry Solution

Use Leather Laundry Solution in your H.E. or standard washing machine like you would normal detergent.

Step 2 – add Leather Laundry Rinse & Dressing

Use this product where you’d normally pour your fabric softener for extra soft and supple leather. You may also apply Leather Laundry Rinse & Dressing directly while your articles are still wet from washing them, or after they’ve dried, using a damp sponge or towel.

To Clean & Condition Blankets & Bedding In The Washing Machine

Easily tackle the sometimes difficult job of cleaning sweaty, grimy animal blankets, technical fabrics (like waterproof materials) and even dog beds in your H.E. or standard washing machine. the proprietary formulas break down animal-based proteins and grime.

Step 1 – add Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash

Pour this product where you’d add your normal detergent. Our specialized Saddle Pad & Blanket Wash is designed to lift dirt, grime, sweat and animal proteins from fabrics.

Step 2 – add Saddle Pad & Blanket Rinse

Pour Saddle Pad & Blanket Rinse where you’d normally add your fabric softener for soft, supple articles with less static. This easy last step will make your articles feel like new again.

Thank you for learning more about Leather Therapy® Leather Care Products and how they work together for specific uses. If you have questions for our leather care experts, contact us at or call 800-628-9653 We are more than happy to offer in-depth advice on your unique leather care project!!