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The Ultimate Pet Owner’s Guide to Rapidly Healing Skin Issues, Wounds, Burns and Hot Spots

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What we love most about our pets beyond their unconditional love and support is experiencing their activities and playfulness. Watching your pup do doggo-parkour chasing a ball or stick, catching your cat twist like a pretzel on a high ledge, seeing your chickens dodge and weave in search of the best grains, or searching for your bunny who has hopped under the furniture can all be pretty darn entertaining.  But let’s face it, all of those adventures can lead to mishaps.  And it is up to you, Best Pet Parent Ever, to tend quickly to the inevitable issues that will pop up.  Cuts, scratches, wounds, burns, rashes, bug bites, cracked paws and hot spots can all be part of having a pet in the family.

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Of course seeing your veterinarian is an important part of diagnosis and healing, especially for serious concerns. But when the animal in your life is hurt and you want to help quickly, Silver Honey® is your new natural, safe, antibiotic-free rapid healing solution that works for any pet, any species, on any wound, any time.  Have it on hand in your medicine cabinet, kitchen counter, or doggy-go bag, and you are ready to help that healing kick in right away.   

Not all of us pet parents and animal lovers know what particular wounds, like hot spots, look like, or how to treat them. Honestly, some of these skin problems can just look pretty gross, and watching your pet itch, bite or lick at the problem in their own method of self-healing can drive you both crazy.  The good news is Silver Honey® is very easy to apply and works really quickly.  And it kills 99.9% of bacteria immediately and helps soothe and protect the wound area during the healing process.

Silver Honey Spray Gel and Silver Honey Ointment


Easy Application Options

The product is available in two formats to most easily treat a variety of wounds. They both work quickly and provide soothing relief, so the choice is up to you based on what will work best for your pet and the type of wound.

Silver Honey® Ointment is thick and creamy and is great for targeted applications like bug bites, small cuts, and hot spots. It works well on areas that have already begun to scab, because it will help soften up the scab while protecting the area for healing.

Silver Honey® Spray Gel is just that – a non-watery spray that adheres to the skin without immediately dripping off. It is perfect for larger areas like rashes, burns or areas that neither you – nor your pet - want to touch! 

A dog with a hot spot on his neck needs Silver Honey wound care from Absorbinepet


Ewww, is that a Hot Spot?

Hot spots are more common with certain breeds of dogs who have thicker coats, like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Labs.  They can show up pretty quickly when the conditions are right – especially in hot, humid weather.  Hot spots are a type of dermatitis and look like a patch where there has been hair loss, often red and irritated and can frequently include oozing skin. They can be intensely itchy or painful for the dog, so the urge to bit and scratch is strong. If the area looks especially raw or large, be sure to reach out to your Vet. 

A dog with a hot spot on his hind leg treated with Silver Honey wound care from Absorbinepet


What to do

To help the healing start right away, follow these simple steps: 

  • Gently clean the area of dirt or debris.

  • Trim any excess fur around the spot so Silver Honey can have direct access to the skin, and not lay on top of fur that can get in the way of healing.

  • Carefully apply ointment on the spot, extending beyond the edges of the wound. It is safe to re-apply as needed, but you likely won’t need to treat more than once or twice a day. 

Silver Honey® will start soothing the area immediately – if your pup could say “ahhhhh”, they would.  It also has a bittering agent to help discourage licking and biting.  But we all know some pets can be stubborn, so keep an eye on them. You may have to reach for the Cone of Shame or a Neck Pillow to allow the area to heal without the dog’s “assistance.”  

It is best NOT to put bandage wrap around a hot spot.  Wrapping the area creates the potential for sealing in more harmful moisture which can increase the growth of bacteria.  After treating the area with Silver Honey®, allow air flow to help with the healing process.

One great trick to help Silver Honey get to work immediately is to get your pet involved in some play time or go for a walk after application, to keep them distracted and lose interest in licking or biting the area.  Even 20 – 30 minutes initially of allowing Silver Honey to get to work will help.

Burns Happen

Sadly, burns can happen to any animal – from burns in the home due to hot water, grease and electricity to environmental causes like fires, smoldering materials and smoke, all burns are painful and should be taken seriously.

How Bad Is It?

Signs of 1st or 2nd degree burns include singed fur or skin, painful lesions, red skin and possibly blisters. 3rd-degree burns include destruction of entire skin areas, lesions, or hair that pulls or falls out easily. A 3rd degree burn is characterized by damage that extends through the entire dermis. 3rd degree burns should be treated by a medical professional as complications are common. Keep in mind that the dog, cat, or other animal may be in shock, so approach slowly and speak in reassuring tones. Restraining may be necessary. 

What to do

Any 1st or 2nd degree burn should be treated immediately by immersing in cool water or saline for 15 minutes. Don’t apply ice, as lowering the body temperature can cause further pain or damage. If possible, clip hair off the area. Do not apply butter or oil, but you can apply Silver Honey as it is made with natural medical-grade healing ingredients that will kill bacteria – and it is vitally important to keep the area free of infection. The spray gel is a great option for sensitive burn areas. Do not apply cold water or other substances to 3rd degree burns. 

Unlike with hot spots, you can cover the area loosely with sterile non-stick dry dressings and be sure to contact your veterinarian right away. Depending on the severity, burn treatments can be prolonged and may involve the administration of pain medications and frequent dressing changes. Your vet will be able to provide guidance for ongoing management, including daily application of Silver Honey to protect and heal.

A dog with a wound on its leg could use Silver Honey wound care from Absorbinepet


Scratches, bites, cracks, oh my

The same application steps for hot spots are appropriate for small cuts and scratches. The ointment also works really well on tick and insect bites. Just a dab on the bite will help it heal quickly. 

Visible results from Silver Honey would care treatment in 7 to 10 days


Summer heat and winter ice can wreak havoc on your pet’s paws.  Silver Honey ointment is a terrific remedy to help chapped and cracked pads. Simple rub and massage it onto the paws and between the pads. Think of it as giving your pup a much-deserved pedicure. And if they’ve cut their pads on any of the million sharp things they may come in contact with, Silver Honey can help get them back up and running in just days.


Silver Honey spray gel for dogs with sensitive skin from Absorbinepet


Can’t Touch This

If your pet’s skin issue is too sensitive – or just plain yucky – to touch, or the surface area is large (say, a belly rash), Silver Honey® spray gel is a great option. Do your best to clean the area and remove or move hair away from the wound or rash. Simply aim the nozzle at the issue and spray the gel evenly across the area. You’ll have the best aim and coverage if you are within about 6 - 8 inches from the skin.  The nozzle has two settings to adjust for a wider or narrower spray.  The spray gel is designed to stay in place, and not drip off.  Like with the ointment, you will likely only need to apply once or twice a day during the healing process.

The spray is also excellent for larger animals like horses, goats, and very large dogs who may have larger wounds, scratches and rashes with more surface area that needs treating.

Contact your vet

Reach out to your veterinarian for any skin condition or wound that appears to be serious or concerning. Skin conditions can often be diagnosed via a telehealth appointment. If your doctor does not recommend Silver Honey®, you can suggest it. Veterinarians are well aware of the over-use and mis-use of antibiotics that can create antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antibiotics also have the potential to create allergic reactions, and can be very harmful if swallowed. Most vets are becoming increasingly supportive of the effectiveness of manuka honey and microsilver as natural healers, without the use of antibiotics. 

Why Silver Honey Works So Well

Silver has been used in medicinal healing for centuries. Microsilver BG™, used in Silver Honey®, is not just “colloidal silver”. Patented MicroSilver BG™ provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial actions with large particles that stay on the skin’s surface as a protective barrier without being absorbed.

Manuka honey provides exceptionally high antibacterial activity and maintains a balanced, hydrated and healthy wound environment while encouraging the shedding of dead tissue from the wound.

Together for the first time in Silver Honey®, they form the most advanced wound and skin care remedy. Many vets are recommending the ointment and spray gel as at-home treatments to continue to heal even larger, more severe wounds and skin conditions, with results being seen in just days.

Got Questions?

Reach out to and we will be happy to help you help your pet heal fast and get back out on that pet playground of life.

A dog holding a package of Silver Honey ointment and spray gel in his mouth.