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Beat back bugs naturally

Posted by Animal Care Team on

Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and eliminate the entire bug population?While it’s unlikely your wishes for a pest-free horse life will be granted, you can dramatically reduce the population of obnoxious insects on your property with an eco-friendly fly care program that starts with a property management strategy.

Mosquitoes Undeterred by Drought – 4 Tips to Protect Your Horse

Posted by Animal Care Team on
An entomologist and veterinarian discuss the unremitting mosquito during drought 

Does Your Horse Fly Spray Protect Against Ticks and Mosquitoes? Here’s Why It Should.

Posted by Animal Care Team on
At the barn, horse fly spray is often your first line of defense against annoying insects. Fly spray helps repel and kill flies, but the best fly spray for horses helps protect your horse against potentially disease-causing ticks and mosquitoes, too.

6 Tips for Finding the Best Fly Spray

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Fly season is well underway in most of the country. While most barns have ways of mitigating the flies, it’s very easy for the problem to become more than just a slight annoyance. Choosing the best fly spray for your horse is often the first line of defense. Here are six things to consider when picking the best fly spray for your horse or barn.

Wanted: Fly Spray that Helps Keep You in the Saddle (and the Ribbons)

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Don’t let a horse fly be the reason you end up in the dirt. Even a freshly groomed arena isn’t quite as soft as landing on a pillow. The most patient, well-trained horse can’t help but kick up its heels at a painful horsefly bite.