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Ranger The Senior Mustang

Posted by Animal Care Team on
We received this wonderful success story about Ranger the mustang from his rescuer Susan Kauffmann. We’re so happy that Bute-Less helped make this special horse’s life a little more comfortable. We’re also happy people like Susan and others have infinite love for horses and grant the needy with new leases on life!

Use ProCMC® To Prevent Gastric Upset In Horses This Winter

Posted by Animal Care Team on
In many locations across the USA, the winter season means increased hours of stall time for our horses. Whatever their situation may be, many horses end up standing in their stall for more hours each day during the winter. This causes stress, which can lead to higher acid levels in the gut and over time, gastric irritation. That’s why we’re reminding you of our ProCMC supplement to prevent gastric upset in horses on the Absorbine Blog. 

Bute-Less Equine Supplement

Posted by Animal Care Team on
A human friend will confirm it when asked, but detecting discomfort in your horse can be much more difficult. Many times there are subtle signals, like refusing normal commands, vigorous tail swishing, trouble with lead changes, or a grumpy attitude. Learn how Bute-Less Comfort & Recovery Supplement for horses can help a horse in discomfort. 

Why You Should Look For The NASC Seal

Posted by Animal Care Team on
You’ve seen it around. That oval seal placed on some labels and on webpages. But what does it mean? Here is an explanation of why you should look for the NASC seal on your animal health supplements.

Pain Management For The Long Term

Posted by Animal Care Team on

All athletes, human and equine, feel the effects of intense exercise on their bodies. So what can you do to keep them feeling their best? You need to look at pain management for the long term. Absorbine Blog