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Mazy, Molly and

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We were delighted to read the new‘s Question Of The Week: A dusty winter coat. Our very own Molly O’Brien of Team Absorbine wrote in to tell everyone how she conquers a dusty winter coat. 

Little Red

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Meet Jamie Hatfield and “Little Red”. Jamie is one of our West Coast Absorbine sales representatives. Little Red is a registered quarter horse and was born at her house in 1988. 


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You may have seen pictures of Quinnah cycling through our blog’s slideshow for a while. Andrea Potter, the filly’s owner, is an Absorbine sales representative and a dedicated horsewoman. 

Kentucky Horse Park Explored with Absorbine

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Word Equestrian Games 2010. Top riders from around the globe will converge on Lexington and compete for the honor of being the best in the world. WEG starts September 25th and continues until October 10th and will be held on the grounds of the fabled Kentucky Horse Park. Here is what the facility looks like.   Absorbine will be there, in the “Bit Of Britain” tent. Stop by if you’re around!

A Mid-Summer Mare/Foal Rescue

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Last week a mare and foal were rescued in a field in Perry, Ohio by Absorbine sales representative and avid horsewoman Amanda Wroble. She was working when she was called upon to catch the two strays and help them out. Absorbine celebrates Amanda and her dedication to horse health and the Horseman’s way of life!