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Scratches, rain rot and skin conditions, oh my!

Posted by Animal Care Team on

Knowing how to identify and treat a skin condition as soon as it arises dramatically reduces healing time, so you can get your horses back to their normal activity levels faster. These tips will help you recognize and respond to scratches and rain rot to promote rapid healing.

Beat back bugs on the trail

Posted by Animal Care Team on
This trail riding season, don’t let biting pests ruin your fun. Here are some tips to keep your trail ride fly-free.

Beat back bugs naturally

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Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and eliminate the entire bug population?While it’s unlikely your wishes for a pest-free horse life will be granted, you can dramatically reduce the population of obnoxious insects on your property with an eco-friendly fly care program that starts with a property management strategy.

Mosquitoes Undeterred by Drought – 4 Tips to Protect Your Horse

Posted by Animal Care Team on
An entomologist and veterinarian discuss the unremitting mosquito during drought 

Healing a Flexor Tendon Surgical Wound with Silver Honey

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We knew when we created Silver Honey® Rapid Wound Repair we had something impactful to share with the animal-loving world. What we couldn’t anticipate was the absolute deluge of positive testimonials and stories of rapid, complete healing which people have not seen before.