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Scratches, rain rot and skin conditions, oh my!

Posted by Animal Care Team on

Knowing how to identify and treat a skin condition as soon as it arises dramatically reduces healing time, so you can get your horses back to their normal activity levels faster. These tips will help you recognize and respond to scratches and rain rot to promote rapid healing.

Absorbine Farrier Spotlight - Taylor Hiatt

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Absorbine interviews top farriers to learn more about their backgrounds, best hoof care tips and interesting interactions with clients and their horses.

How To Identify Ticks & Prevent Diseases

Posted by Animal Care Team on

Are your animals at risk? You’ve seen the headlines. Ticks are spreading across the country earlier than usual, bringing tick-borne disease with them, putting horses and dogs at risk. Read on for our roundup of...

Tick ID and Removal Tips

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Ticks get worse and worse every year, and so does the threat of diseases they spread for horses, dogs and people. Here we give tips on dealing with ticks to help avoid their bites, and what to do after there is a tick bite.

Absorbine Farrier Spotlight - Margie Lee Gustafson

Posted by Animal Care Team on

"...a woman can be a farrier?" Um, yes, of course she can! Team Absorbine rubs elbows with farriers from around the world at the International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati. Now we’d like to share some of that experience with you in our Absorbine Farrier Spotlight - Hall of Famer Margie Lee Gustafson.