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Team Member And Equine Competitor Deborah

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Absorbine is active in the horse world, from those of us in the office to those out in the field calling on tack shops. Deborah is one of our Team Absorbine sales representatives (in the...

Absorbine, Family Owned

Posted by Animal Care Team on
W.F. Young, Inc. makers of Absorbine, UltraShield, ShowSheen and more, is a family owned American business and always has been. We have owned and cared for horses throughout the company's history. We wanted to share some of the Absorbine horses, so here we are “horsing around” over the years.

Horse Rescues Rock!

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You don’t have to be a horse person to admire a horse rescue operation. But if you are involved with horses you know just how vital they are. Horse ownership  is pricey and 2011 America’s job shortage means many can no longer afford to own horses. If they can’t sell them or give them away, they end up being released into the wild or worse. Here in the Absorbine Blog, we celebrate the big hearted people who work at horse rescues. 

Funny Horse Photos

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For our recent Absorbine FaceBook contests, we asked people to send in photos of their horses that were were funny, pretty, sentimental or otherwise special. Twenty five winners receive a special Zenyatta edition of the Thoroughbred Times, all about the legendary mare. We also packed in some Absorbine goodies for good measure. See the entries on the Absorbine Blog. 

Horse Illustrated's Grooming Challenge

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Horse Illustrated’s Grooming Challenge Contest, sponsored by Absorbine, recently came to a close and the winner has been chosen